International Testimonials

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International Testimonials

I think a lot of UK beaders will be really pleased about the database you have generated as I’ve read a lot of forum posts about people being unable to locate bead shops/suppliers in the UK and as it always comes up on page one of Google I think a lot of people will find it a big help. It’s also nice for us shop owners to have a place to be listed as there are no British beading publications which we are able to advertise in.Just wanted to also let you know that I had two people come into my shop today saying they’d found me on your website. So thank you for all your hard work and for including me. Ellie
(United Kingdom)Elle-Art Mosaic
and Beads

We are finding that we get a lot of customers to the shop from your website, so it’s well worth the money to be listed. A lot of people coming to Dorset on holiday look on the web first and then come and visit when they are down here, so that’s really good. Thanks for all your help. Kate and Phil
(United Kingdom)Parker’s Jewellery

WOW, what a fantastic site for a newbie like me. My printer has been working overtime so I can read the instructions and absorb all the info. I found you thru google. As I am new there is nothing I would like to see added. We have a spare room now that number one son has moved out and since hubby has the garage I am going to set myself up in the spare room. Once again well done. I will be back often as this site is added to my favorites. Many thanks. Alexis
(New Zealand)

Just to let you know i have found this site very very useful. I just started making jewellery again after a few years gap and didn’t want to just rely on e-bay for beads and stuff and found this site through Google. It is brilliant. Keep up the good work. Vickie
(United Kingdom)

Hi, FANTASTIC SITE!!! you have so many Australian stores listed that are not on other sites!! Great effort. I found your site on Google and absolutely love it!! You really have done a great job, especially because it is a basic layout without being messy and confusing. Thanks again. I look forward to looking around your site more. Caroline

I would like to thank you very much for taking so much trouble with this page. You’ll be glad to know that I have had some clients that have known my shop through this web page. Thanks again and have a nice summer. Delia
(Barcelona, Spain)Talismania

I used your site for a listing of stores for a recent trip to Australia (Sydney, Tasmania, Perth and Brisbane) and found all the stores and they were great! Keep up the good work! Melody

Thank you so much for showing us jewelers some interesting sites in different parts of the world, I have already printed out the address in Zurich where I will be next week. I have a lot of investigating to do!!! Best regards and a thousand thanks again for your website. Eva Bronstein

Thanks for making such a useful webpage. I spent ages searching before I came across it on search engine looking for bead suppliers in the UK.. Thanks again for putting up such a great site. Mary O’Dell
(United Kingdom)

Hi Greg, many thanks… I really appreciate your pages, we do get some virtual visitors and even real ones in the shop who claim they found us with you (visitors from UK, Switzerland etc). So keep it up, beads are so addictive. Our new shop is my dream come true,good selection, nice space, happy employees. Life is beads. Aneta Kvist
(Oslo, Norway)Perlehuset

Dear Greg
Thanks for updating my link so quickly, your site is great as it sends loads of customers my way.
Susan Allen
(Rochford, England)Little Beader

I have just entered the wonderful world of beadwork, and found you via the Beadwork magazine. I visited your website and nearly fell on my knees with gratitude for a site that provides such fabulous CLEAR explanations of some of the most basic stitches. I live in Canada, where there appears to be less widespread enthusiasm for this beautiful artform, and therefore supplies and resources are limited. Further, I happen to live in a remote area of the country, which results in my options being even more sparse. Your site has given me hope that I might learn some of the basic skills before I get too far along and develop some bad habits, not to mention the wasted time, effort and materials you’ve already saved me.THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Irene Nizzero
(Ontario, Canada)

What a brilliant and useful site – It saves hours of surfing. Invaluable for bead addicts like me. Keep up the good work. Regarding your newsletter to sponsors, I am most impressed. For sponsors, this is a very useful source of information, particularly regarding site usage and other statistics. For us research addicts it is also interesting. I look forward to the next update. Janet Gladstone

This is the best site I’ve found so far and I was amazed to find a listing of stores here in Queensland when I have tried to find the same by various search engines without success. The instructions for various stitches is a wonderful help and I just can’t praise this site enough. It’s definitely in my bookmarks now. I’ve been excited ever since I found your site in “Basic Beading Links” on I have a whole day to myself tomorrow and I’ve already planned to spend my time on your site. I’ve been beading for a few months now but have a lot to learn and it’s all there waiting for me. Evelyn Martin

Dear Greg, just a quick appreciation of your site. I needed a peyote stitch graph and appreciated being able to print one from your site. I’m based in Holland. Good luck with your good work Sarah Zoutewelle-Morris

I live in Australia. I would like to thank you. I didn’t think there were any shops in Australia that sold beads. I have been ordering from the US and this cost a fair bit with postage. So once again thank you for the great information. Linda Harris

Hello Greg, I’m Italian and I got in contact with your perfect site during a research of American beads wholesalers or retailers. I cooperate with a venetian handicraft company skilled maker of Murano glass beads who’s looking for spreading out our business contacts in U.S. Your site has been really helpful for understanding better the U.S. reality and for catching some names of operators . Thanks, Riccardo. Riccardo

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