2004 Archive

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November 2004 This is a new system to let you know which stores in the Blue Pages listings contribute in some way to the support of GTB. The stars are color coded to show various levels of support. Gold is the highest, followed by silver, then bronze. Next is purple showing those who have taken the time to sign up for a free banner. Click here for more details.
HEADLINE: New LOOK for the Blue Pages
October 2004 Some formatting changes have been made to the Blue pages. Of primary interest, URL text now appears in listings (before, the store name was the link). Some other minor formatting changes have also been made. Regular visitors will notice and hopefully agree that the new format is a little better. Many changes to the website are being implemented at this time. Please be patient with our growing pains. They are all intended to help make GTB even better.
October 2004 Over 800 of our free Blue Pages listings are retail stores with websites. They will receive monthly reports on the click-through activity of their links beginning in December or January. These reports will also include other interesting statistics such as the total number of stores added to the list that month. It is hoped that they will enjoy the reports and that it will help them see the value of keeping their links at GTB active. Click here to see the latest details (subject to change without notice at this time).
HEADLINE: GTB begins charging for text links.
October 2004 Effective December 1, 2004: GTB begins charging $36.00 per year for active text links within the free Blue Pages (Retail Store listings). The Blue Page listings themselves will remain free. Stores without websites or posted email addresses will be unaffected. Stores with websites and email addresses will be formally notified via email. Click here to view current details.
A New Business Model
August 2004 Kind of like a “tupperware party” but for bead supplies. It sounds like fun and is becoming more prevalent. Enough that this new retail bead business model has been incorporated into the store lists. The Add and Update store forms have a new checkbox and mobile stores will be identified as such in the lists. A telephone number will be required to be listed here at GTB. The email address is optional, as always.
HEADLINE: YELLOW PAGES – Price Increase Alert
February 2004 Quarterly and yearly prices change to $45 and $135 respectively as of March, 2004. Thanks to all Yellow Pages clients for their faithful support the last two years  over 90% renewal rate !!
Announcing: The Purple Pages
January 2004 With over 200 stores listed, the California pages were just too big for slower connections and older computers. There are now individual pages for each California City. The new CA City Index shows how many stores are in each city as well. The full California lists by Zip Code and Store Name will remain in place. You can even navigate to the old full list by City from these two pages. All three will be maintained along with the new city pages.

These new City Purple Pages will remain free to all and be treated the same as the Blue Pages. It is hoped that this new format for California will ease navigation for many using the site.

California STILL has more cities with stores (almost 150) than any other area has individual stores (less than 100) !!!

January 2004 The basic ‘look’ of the store list pages has not changed much in eight years. This is the first major upgrade. I hope it will be more helpful to beaders looking for stores. What’s new is a text menu bar separating each listing with links to indices and other sort options for the area you are looking at. An astute visitor pointed out a potentially confusing aspect of the old set-up. Take a peek if you recall the old format. I think you’ll like the change.
January 2004 All area (store list) and book (instruction step) pages have been lowered to a base price of $5 per quarter. Volume discounts available.

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