2009 Archive

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HEADLINE: Site Frozen Since July 2009
August 2010 Updates and additions ceased around the middle of July 2009. GTB is currently a ‘phone book’ until I can rebuild from back-ups (CALL BEFORE YOU DRIVE). Unprocessed updates and additions received after mid-July have been preserved awaiting implementation. Apologies to all for this inconvenience.

Please treat the Retail Bead Store listings (Blue Pages) at GTB as a ‘STATIC PHONE BOOK‘ published in July 2009 until further notice.

You may continue to send store updates and additions but please try to avoid duplication. They are being saved until site maintenance can be restored which, unfortunately, is taking some time.

HEADLINE: Website Needs Loving Home
December 2009 GTB is tentatively FOR SALE ‘as is’ (including unprocessed updates received since July 2009) at bargain pricing. Search engine placement is as good as it gets (‘organically’ cultivated very carefully since 1995 when the web began). Check that for yourself then make me an offer. You might be surprised at what I would accept from the right person given the right timing. The only ‘significant’ expense is my (very reliable) industrial strength web hosting ISP (pair.com) which is currently $75 per month. Gross revenue has been roughly $1,500 per month over the last three years.
HEADLINE: Webmaster Falls Off Planet
August 2009 It’s true. I moved from Illinois back to WA state in July towing my car (with the computers in the trunk) behind a U-Haul. The main computer did not survive. It tried, bless its heart. A number of factors are preventing me from maintaining the site in the usual fashion (updated daily) which I won’t go into here.
April 2009 The webmaster at guidetobeadwork.com confesses to being one, ‘My mom has been in the hospital this week and I actually let my domain name expire!’ All is well now but apologies to everyone who attempted to access the site during the first few days of April. :/
HEADLINE: Unplanned ‘Holiday Vacation’
January 2009 An unexpected death in the family unavoidably completely isolated me (the webmaster) from the web during the last two weeks in December. I am starting to get caught up but things such as additions, updates, newsletters and monthly reports are still running behind. A very nasty cold is not helping. My goal is to be caught up by January 10. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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