Bead Store Owner Testimonials

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Bead Store Owners Testimonials

I really love the improvements Julie & Nick are making to the site.  They’ve taken what Greg had done and brought it up a notch, w/ color, a more modern look, and new features. It’s obvious that it is owned by someone who really understands beaders and bead stores and is focused on bringing us a quality site that will serve both. Can’t wait to see what’s in store next! Keep up the good work. Lisa

1 Stop Bead Shop
(in Ohio)

I would like to thank you for all you have done for us in the past five years. Many of our customers found us through your website and we continue to refer your site to our customers so they can find other local bead stores and continue to support them.Your hard work to maintain the site is very much appreciated by us as bead store owners and our customers. Again, the 6 ladies at Lily’s Beads thank you for your effort in the beading community. If we succeed in our next beading venture, we will certainly go back to your listing. Best regards, The ladies at Lily’s Beads Sarah, Lily, Rita, Lih Lih, Li Li and Sue (The Ladies of the Lily)Lily’s Beads (in Massachusetts)

Thanks a bunch, Greg. Every other person that walks in my store has found me through your site. I truly appreciate your time and efforts. You are the man!!! Thanks again for your wonderful service! CarlaBella Beads

Dear Greg, I want to thank you for making A Guide to Beadwork available. You offer a great service, and although I am new to the listing, I want to tell you that I know, first hand, that the listing is working for me. I recently had a lady from out-of-state stop in at my shop – by way of a search she did on her way into town in her RV. Her online search brought up the Guide to Beadwork site, and she found my shop because of it! Thank you! NicolaRaneMaker Beads at Nic’s Nax (in South Dakota)

Hello Greg. The longer I’m in this business the more I value what you are doing with Lisa1 Stop Bead Shop

Hi Greg – I discovered your site in two ways. First a friend of mine told me about it as a good source for bead shops in various states. Then, I came across it in a google search for my product. I’ve already had 4 hits since posting my store only a few days ago. Thanks for doing this. LauraAntelope Beads

Hi Greg!
Thank you! We had someone in who googled for bead stores in Brantford on their Blackberry and we popped up – how great is that! Thanks for offering a super way to let people know we are here.
Barbara and JoyDesigning Sisters (in Ontario, CA)

Hi Greg: We’re very pleased with the response to your website. The majority of our customers find us on the Internet and, specifically, through your website. Thanks! P.S. The map and directions are great! JanetRabbit and Rooster Beads (in Texas)

Hi Greg, I just ‘stumbled’ onto your website and it is FABULOUS!!! Thank you so much for doing this for me. I’m in the process, very early in the process, of trying to open my own bead store and will certainly contact you as things become more complete. Thanks and I will definately let people know about your site. Debrosha

Hi, First and foremost…. Thank you, thank you, thank you…. The Riverwalk Bead Shop opened it’s doors in January, 2006 and about 65% of my buying customers have come from your website. NancyThe Riverwalk Bead Shop (in Massachusetts)

By the way, Greg, your internet listing is a good place for shops to be listed — With your list, time after time we’ve had people walk into the shop and tell us they found us on your list. Some came with printout in hand. Obviously we think this is wonderful! THANK YOU! JackieElegant Notions (in Texas)

Hi Greg, Let me start by saying the $36 per year is the best money i’ve ever spent!!! Your site and placement with search engines have steered more customers to my site than i could ever do on my own. Jay JohnsonAdelia’s Closet
(in Illinois)

This is just such a great service and I tell customers about it all the time. LorriOcean Beads Gallery (in North Carolina)

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve had tons of people find me because of your website and being a new bead store, I’m really happy about that! Thanks for your time! KristenManifest Beads
(in Connecticut)

I heard about your site from one of my customers. She suggested that I sign up, and that’s just what I did. I greatly appreciate your compiling a list and your prompt responses. I like to check out other places too, besides having my own. BeniciaBeading Paradise (in Indiana)

I would like to thank you very much for taking so much trouble with this page. you’ll be glad to know that I have had some clients that have known my shop through this web page. Thanks again and have a nice summer. DeliaTalismania (in Spain)

Thank you for all the time you have put into this site. I recently listed my store on your site and many customers were able to find us. I was able to list my store in the internet while I was still having my website designed and set up. I greatly appreciate it. Thanks. LeslieSLR Beads
(in North Carolina)

I appreciate this website so much! I just opened a week ago, and business has been VERY slow so far. I think every customer I’ve had has found me through this site – my newspaper advertising hasn’t helped at all. Thank you thank you thank you! (I will definitely pay the $36 per year. Just let me know where to send the check.)
(in Georgia)

Thanks for your letter about the new fee-for-active-links program. We were about to contact you to order some advertising or offer some other financial support for the valuable service your directory provides. Many of our new customers found us with your directory. Keep up the good work and count on us for our support and thanks. Jerry and Karen GlaserJust Bead It

I am a member of a group of Jewelry designer/bead artist/bead crafters on the Internet. We have approximately 1500 members and grow every day… One of our members sent me to your site and said I should list our store there. I did that yesterday. Our online store is an eBay store and we have a brick and mortar store in Alabama.Since I registered yesterday I have seen an increase in our traffic and have bids on almost every item I have listed. I can totally attribute our increase in traffic to the listing with The Guide to Beadwork Bead Store Directory because I haven’t done anything else different. I had no idea how well being listed with you would work.

I’m very excited about the increase in people coming to our eBay Store and I’ve even had one young lady stop by the studio today after seeing us on your site! And after only one day of being listed!! Fantastic!! All I can say is THANK YOU and keep up the GREAT WORK!!

CebrinaCPaul Designs
(in Alabama)

I was so glad to get your email this morning. It is gratifying to get such a quick reply. I rely on this ad very much and it is quite a large part of my advertising. I receive a lot of hits from this source to my website so I truly appreciate your attention to it. Timisha MoodyThe Bead Attic
(in Louisiana)

Thank you for providing such a valuable service. We get lots of visitors who tell us that they found us through your site. Love your quote about integrity being gold in an information economy. As a former librarian I soundly agree! Anita CluettToad Hollow Beads
(in New Hampshire)

Thanks Greg! I appreciate you updating our info so quickly and contacting me. Thanks for your wonderful site and all the hard work that you put into it. It is a great resource. Thanks again. Kim BrosamWhispering Winds trading Post (in Missouri)

Hi Greg, I appreciate all your help. I get lots of hits from this site. We are had the women’s bowling congress here and at least two people who came in the first weekend had your list printed off. Debbie AtkinsThe Bead Hive (in Kansas)

Hi Greg, many thanks… I really appreciate your pages, we do get some virtual visitors and even real ones in the shop who claim they found us with you (visitors from UK, Switzerland etc). So keep it up, beads are so addictive. Our new shop is my dream come true,good selection, nice space, happy employees. Life is beads. Aneta KvistPerlehuset (in Norway)

Thanks for your website which is very helpful. I refer beaders to it all the time. Barry KahnCaravan Beads (in Maine)

Hi there Greg! Thanks for your time, and keep up the GREAT work on the website! I get so many out of town guests thanks to you! I even have customers walk into the store with print outs of your online listings IN THEIR HANDS! As if it is a MAP or something!!! ( Well I supposed it IS a “Bead Store Map” in a sense! ) The site reaches potential customers all over the world, for I even recently had a customer come in from England and another from Australia! Both visited the states within a month and both had found us via your site! Thanks again! Georgia WilsonThe Bead Shop
in Louisiana
(2 Locations)

We get a lot of customers off this website which is updated and run really well. Also, as a customer, I use it to visit other bead stores! Shu-Shu PeruginoSan Gabriel Bead Co. (in California)

Thank you for listing stores free! We, or at least I myself, with a wee miniscule marketing budget greatly appreciate your willingness to help us grow. Sherrill LewisBead Ranch! (in Oklahoma)

I’ve been receiving a significant percentage of my hits through your site. Regardless of my software investments and time spent studying search engines, I’ve noted that a significant single source of hit stats on my sites (other than Google and MSN) has been through yours. Thank you! BeadManBeadopolis
(in Alberta, Canada)

Dear Greg
Thanks for updating my link so quickly, your site is great as it sends loads of customers my way.
Susan AllenLittle Beader (in the UK)

Hi Greg,
Thankyou so much for this site and all of it’s info.
I have had many customers because of you…..Thanks!
Heather Over the Moon
(in New York)

Hi Greg,
Thanxs for keeping this site going, I am truly amzed at how many people have discovered the shop from it!!!
LizzzRed Roses’ Bead Haven (in Wisconson)

I was looking for a bead store that I had been told of near my area. So I looked at the information pages for the city to no avail. Nothing on the city site nor the chamber of commerce. So I tried looking for “bead stores, Ohio” and found your site right away and there it was! I was excited to be able to get our store listed. Thank you for this service. My partner (Lora) and I appreciate being able to get our name out on the web! Carolyn Carson
and Lora Banksthe Beaded Spirit (in Ohio)

We owe you a huge THANK YOU!!!! We get at least 3 people a week that see our store on your site…I ask every one! We so appreciate your service. Randy and Denise

I swear!!! You are doing SUCH a good job with the bead website!!! Someone on my list posted the address… and I had forgotten just how chock full of wondrous info your site is. I was compelled to write you and express my gratitude dude.. tis a noble thing you do kind sir! 😉 Cindy (Beadlady)Cindy’s Crafts
and ListMom
for Beadtalk

This is a great site. Your site is one of the reasons I opened my store. There are just not that many stores in my area. In fact, the closest one is approximately 45 miles from my home. I found that store from this site, visited and decided that “I can do that!” And so began the saga of Beadfreakie Designs and Texas Bead Store. Keep up the good work! Marilyn RoderyTexas Bead Store

Yesterday was only the second Saturday we have been open. TWO different groups of people who were in St. Louis for other reasons said they had looked up the Bead stores on the Internet, and came by our place!! Donna NeumannBead On A Wire,
(in Missouri)

I have told meany people about your wonderful site because they come to our store and then tell us they don’t have bead shops back home …but then maybe they do and don’t know it…so I send them to your site to find out… LorriOcean Bead and Craft (in North Carolina)

Thanks for the listing.. I too, found you easy to find, easy to navigate and have referred you to customers I have met at shows… who are too far from us to come to our shop. KATYAKatya’s White Nights (in Connecticut)

THANK YOU for having this resource available for us. We truly appreciate it. I found your informative site in the early stages of my bead store research. I think I did a Google search, keyword “Bead Store”. It was “KEY” to alot of the decisions that we made about our store early on…truly. Please let us know we can do to thank you for your time and effort! (so I wrote and asked what decisions were helped. –greg) As we researched bead stores, one of the most important decisions we made was locational. We used the information on your site to define and refine our store loction criteria as well as “industry standard” hours and days of operation. Randy and Denise

Thanks so much…we get alot of traffic from this listing and we really appreciate it! Your site is a wonderful resource for beaders and suppliers alike. Renee (in Oregon)

Let me compliment you on the completeness and usefulness of your site. It is certainly one of the most (if not THE most) comprehensive bead information sites we’ve ever seen. We will place a link to your site on ours. Carl
(in Florida)

I want to tell you how clear and concise your web site is, and what a joy to read about all the bead businesses out there. Thank you for the opportunity to put my name in your web site. Gary FineParamount Beads (in California)

You have a great [screen] background. It’s very memorable. I paged through hundreds of links yesterday. Today, I pulled up your page one more time, I remembered the background, and hence the web-site. Most sites seem to use a white background, and a graphical layout like so many others. These sites all blend together. Warren S. (in Tennessee)

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