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The retail bead store information listed at GuideToBeadwork.com is gathered from many sources including anonymous site visitors. We do our best to check the accuracy of the information we receive but with thousands of businesses listed, there is only so much we can do while maintaining the free nature of the store lists, something we never plan to change.

DISCLAIMER NOTICE: The retail bead business information listed at this website is provided AS IS with no warranties nor guarantees regarding its accuracy in any way.

The store lists are updated weekly generally but bead stores open and close almost every day. There are a fair number of regular contributors all over the world drawn from our large numbers of regular site users. Many are retired and travel around looking for bead stores along the way.

A list this size (thousands) can never, by definition, be %100 accurate. Stores open, close and move, area codes and store hours change, etc. It’s still the best you can do. It’s the most up-to-date information you can find anywhere…

but that’s why we say
(on every store list page)

When a bead store closes, we are usually the last to know

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