Chapter 1 Intro and Names

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Welcome to the beading world. Beads are a wonderful medium for creating many different kinds of jewelry ranging from earrings to complicated collars. Every piece is unique. Think of your different colored hanks of beads as tubes of oil paint and yourself as an artist in front of an empty canvas. A piece of yourself goes into every one of your creations.Each of the separate chapters presented on this web site is designed to stand alone. This first chapter covers basic beading techniques and supplies. If this is your first experience with beadwork you should start here. The second chapter shows six different techniques for adding fringe. Chapters Three through Nine contain detailed instructions for seven different specific beaded jewelry stitches.

Although everybody differs in how hard they find a particular stitch to do, the stitches have been ordered loosely from easier (Chevron and Daisy chain) to harder (Gourd stitch and Lace stitch).

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you read a chapter ALL THE WAY THROUGH before you actually try out the stitch. This will help you to understand and visualize the stitch. Using contrasting bead colors for your first attempt at the stitch will also help with your visualization.



Various cultures have utilized the stitches shown on this web site. Whether each stitch was created independently in these different cultures or not is a matter of debate for scholars and historians. We do not address these issues here. We acknowledge that names are considered very important and powerful in many cultures.Our goal is to teach people how to create these stitches. What they are called is not an issue for us. We have tried to choose names that are recognized, logical and descriptive when possible, yet not culturally based. Therefore, you may recognize stitches shown here but know them under a different name.

To avoid potential confusion, we have listed alternate names that we are aware of in the introduction for each stitch. These name lists should not be considered complete nor definitive. They are included primarily as a potential aid to users looking for a particular stitch by the name they know for it.

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