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OMG! I love you!! Never have I seen this many bead sources at once…… I’m dyin here!! *lol* I only found this by searching for vintage beads and a particular bead store. But I found it!! Must be fate!! Yay!! Mary

THIS WAS UNBELIEVABLE! I just got started ‘making things’ as gifts and such. I could not believe this was put together so well. I added it to my favorites! I searched for local stores, the 3rd link down was you! I thought it would be a long process to get the info. I wanted. But, so easy thanks to you. I can’t stop smiling, can’t wait to tell my husband… thanks so very much! Tammy

I found this site very very useful. THANK YOU for putting this together as it has helped me tremendously. Carrol

I appreciate this site so much!! I am not surpirsed to see the other comments that commend you and your site! You have done a terrific job! I was really frustrated trying to find patterns and findings and specific types of beads. After quite a few attempts at finding local bead shops that carry the items I need I found this site. You put an end to what seemed like a hopeless search for local shops!! Now, no matter where I go in my travels I can look up the bead shops in that area and door to door directions to any bead shop in any area!! Since utilizing your site I have actually been a jewelry making machine!! It only takes me a day to make a piece, now that I have your site to refrence, as apposed to the “who knows when I will finish it cause I can’t find the beads I want!”!!! Looks like your site may have generated some competition for me! I love it! Thank You! Katherine S

What a wonderful site! I found you through Ask Jeeves.co.uk. Until last week I wouldn’t have known what to do with a bead if I fell over it, thanks to you I am now two bracelets up with a whole new hobby ahead. Thank you!
You ask what I liked least – nothing!
The book I bought to ‘teach’ me the craft has wonderful patterns but they may as well be written in Russian for all the sense that can be made of them. Thanks to you I am now started, but if I want to go further I still need a translator.
Praise, well, how long have you got? I could go on for hours! I am now enjoying beading so much and it is all down to you! Please keep up the good work.
Many thanks again.
Karen R

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your store listing. I have been trying to find a new bead store in my area and could not through the conventional methods. I found you through a link on the San Diego Bead Society website (which also has a very complete bead store list for the area. –Nick). What is also nice about your listing is the ability to find stores by City, name or zip. Now when I travel, I can check in with your site to see the bead stores where ever I am going. Thank you for all your hard work!!! The gratitude I felt to find your website and have it work so well, was just great. Nani B
(Long Beach, CA)

I just found this site and it is now on my favorites list. I was looking for bead shops in Calif. and came across you. I like the idea that I can glean ideas from your site. I’ve only been beading for about 4 years now, but still consider myself a novice, so any help I can find….. Thank-you for your time and effort that you’ve put into your web site. Judy

I found your site through a site which was linked to yours. This has to be one of the best sites I’ve ever seen. Thank you for being here. Denise

Even the yellow pages on-line phone directory was no help here, your site is a great help. I found it by searching ‘bead supplies australia’. Kay K

Looking for beads etc. and outlets and thought your site was very informative and extremely helpful, your research is much appreciated. Best wishes and continued success. Dianne

I like what you have presented very much. I am not a beginning beader, so your pages would serve mostly as a refresher to me. Therefore, one of my favourite features is the very accessible and easy to find “next” button. It allows me to quickly scroll though the various steps involved in the technique presented. I also like the printable pattern pages at the end of a chapter section. I did not find any of the pages slow to load. Keep up the good work. How wonderful to find a talented soul willing to share information. Thanks. Nadia

Thanks so much for providing all the info on how to access the web pages on “beading”. I love the way you set things up, so I could just point and click. I am getting so much use out of the info. Again, many thanks, and HAPPY BEADING!!! Sue

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