Terms of Use

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Listing Terms:

  • The retail listings are free to all retail bead stores.
  • The separate state/province and country listings are for physical bead stores only.
  • A store must carry beading supplies and offer them at retail to the public. Beading supplies need not be the main focus of their business. For example, variety (and other types of) stores which devote a section of their store to beading supplies (such as Ben Franklin Craft stores) are welcome.
  • Online only stores should be listed under the online category. They will be moved if placed elsewhere.
  • Any other kind of submission that is not related to beading or the beading industry will not be listed or removed if found.

Featured Listings:

Featured listings include the following extras and are currently $40/year US:

  • Featured positioning on top of the regional page (state/province or country)
  • Active link for the stores website
  • Active link for the stores email address
  • Store location map via Google Maps
  • Store image

Wholesale/Manufacturer Listings:

Wholesale and manufacturer listings are currently $200/year us. You may submit the business information but payment will be required prior to activation.

Site Notifications:

  • This site is provided as a resource for beaders, bead stores, and bead and bead supply wholesalers. Please respect the work involved in maintaining the site and do not steal the content.
  • This site and all it’s content are copyrighted and the property of Guide To Beadwork LLC. It may not be reproduced in any manner without the written consent of Guide To Beadwork LLC.
  • Store listings database is available but is NOT for use on other websites or published on online lists or directories.


  • We reserve the right to remove or refuse a listing at our discretion.
  • Guide To Beadwork, Guide To Beadwork LLC, guidetobeadwork.com and guidetobeadwork.net are the property of Guide To Beadwork LLC all rights reserved. They may not be used in any means without the express written consent of Guide To Beadwork LLC.

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