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Nov. 2000 This is HUGE. Every single step of one of the best-selling how-to beaded jewelry books for ten years, Guide To Beadwork, has been painstakingly converted to web format and posted online. The online book is for the free use of all visitors. There will never be any mandatory charge for this service to the user. Please honor copyright laws and do not print out the book.EXCEPTION: The very popular pattern pages for each stitch may be printed and reproduced for personal use only. Permission is also given directly on each pattern page in question. All other rights reserved.


If you are one of those people who prefer a printed instruction manual to online instructions, you may be interested in this later news item. I am the same way myself and there has continued to be enough interest in the original printed version to justify small print runs.

Oct. 2000 The lists have been expanded from a few hundred stores in the United States to over one thousand worldwide. Online-only and wholesale-only suppliers are also now included. The requirement to be “willing to order Guide to Beadwork should a customer request it” has been dropped as the book is now out-of-print and no longer available. The book’s ENTIRE CONTENTS are currently being converted to web format and will be posted, free to all, shortly. I am committed to keeping the store lists free to all, users and store owners alike, and to keeping it as accurate as reasonably possible, given that they are maintained by a single person doing it as a hobby.
HEADLINE: GuideToBeadwork.com is LAUNCHED!
Aug. 2000 The domain name is active and the bead related contents of my personal site have been transferred. Over the next few months, several things are planned.The entire contents of the printed version of Guide To Beadwork are being converted to web pages. It is to be posted online, free to all. The original version has gone out-of-print for several reasons.

I am also in the process of expanding the bead store lists through active research, mostly phone books at the library. I’m going to make it as comprehensive as I can. I believe that keeping it free to all will be important in striving for this goal.


I am hoping to increase the popularity of and traffic to the website enough to begin to sell banner space to try and support this hobby of mine.

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