Directory Testimonials

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Directory Testimonials

Found you by Google search. I liked the updated accuracy, easy to use, user friendly, links to maps of stores, very appropriate and needed information provided on stores. All praise: thanks for the resource information, it made my search quick and painless. Please take care and thanks again. Christina

I occasionally like to do a search online to see if any new bead/gem shops have opened up near me or near any arts/crafts shows I might be about to do. This is a great site! You must love what you’re doing to put the time it must take into it. THANK YOU!!! Linda

Love this site! I originally found you by yahoo search engine, and find it to be excellent in the search of bead stores in every state and city possible. I have used it often in my travels and find the information to be as accurate as humanly possible. Vickie

I absolutely love your website. It is very helpful, especially while traveling. I Google’d ‘bead store locator’ to find you and you came up first. I especially like the store descriptions. The addresses really help now that I have a GPS navigation system. Again, Thanks for all you work keeping this up. Cindy

Your site has been invaluable to me. Thank you so very much!!! I travel a lot and have been able to find the bead shops to and from my destination because of your web site. Beading has given me much joy!!! : ) BTW, I always let the stores that I visit know that I found them through your web site. Thanks again! Diana

hello, just wanted to say thank you for this list….i never knew so many bead stores were in my state…i’m truly grateful for this list…there was nothing i didn’t like about it….you informed me of store closures, non-working websites, etc, which is a wonderful thing….this list was just great! i can’t wait to visit the stores i found on your webpage….keep up the good work… thanks again! Sabirah

Oh, I wish I’d found your site years ago! Awesome. More complete than our own yellow pages! Thanks for this wonderful compilation. I appreciate the phone numbers, addresses, hours, lists of items sold, and level of service and friendliness. There was nothing I didn’t like. Good job, kudos!!! Angie

I found your site by a referral from another beader. I travel in an RV six months out of the year and it’s very handy to find bead stores near wherever I happen to be. Thanks for the website. Paul

THANK YOU!!! This is the website I was looking for…living in a large city, I realized that there were probably many bead suppliers near by. I searched the internet and found your site. My friend and I create beaded jewelry, we like it to be unique, and I like lots of sparkle. I have been to several of the stores you list, and have been very impressed. Each time I head out to a new store, I am overcome with excitement and anticipation, sure that some special treasure will be found. Heidi

I find you with Google: “bead stores North Carolina” or whichever state I’m visiting. I use your site every time I go on vacation to find the bead stores in the area. I try and pick up some unique beads and make something to remember each vacation by. I’ve visited stores found on your site in Indianapolis, IN Freeport, ME, Kitty Hawk, NC and probably a few more! Thank you for your site!! Kim

Greg, Thank you for this website. I decided to try to find some bead stores locally that I could visit and get a handle on what exactly I need to start beading. Your website was most helpful and I now have an action plan to visit several stores in my area. Thanks again. Brenda

Thanks for this great list of bead stores. Believe it or not, I could not find any other list as thorough and comprehensive as this one. This is truly an amazing resource for an avid bead lover like me. Thanks again for the info. Emily

This is great! I couldn’t find much in the way of bead stores in my local yellow pages, but your site helped me find ten or them as well as some that are only on-line. Thanks! Judi

I just wanted to say thank you for creating this web site. I have been looking for bead stores for a while now and I came across your site and it guided me in the right direction for a great store. I enjoy all the local store listings and I hope you keep that site up for others to enjoy. Once again thanks! Scott

I found you by searching bead stores. Thank you so much for writing this software. It was incredibly easy to find the stores in my area. Ellyn

Thank you, thank you, thank you! On cable crafting shows, I’ve been hearing the words, “…and you can get this at your craft store, or your local bead store.” Well, I didn’t know there were any bead stores in the world, and I’ve been looking around for some, and didn’t come across any. I also tried, but since one has to enter a town, there wasn’t much luck, there, either. Today I hit on the brilliant idea to try Google, and there you were, and you’ve opened up a whole new world to me. I am eternally grateful! Gisele Z

My wife is a big glass bead collector. I use your guide when I travel because those are the gifts she wants me to bring back to her. We visit bead stores 12 months out of the year so thank you for your information. BobM

Thank you so much for your web site. Soooooooooo much information, but, done very well. It was exactly what I needed. Thanks again for making my search easy. I contacted one of the stores on your web site today and purchased what I needed. I will be taking a class next week. I have completed my first project, because of finding information on your site. I love what what I have found there. Who knows you may be including my business someday – on your site. Thanks again. Dixie

I like your admonition at the top to call before you drive as you are the last to know! Good thing, because a store I visited now closes at 6 pm instead of 7 pm. Thought you’d like to know! (ALWAYS!) Thanks for your thoughtful and excellent work! It’s a great site! Amy

I love beads. I looked behind the bead and button book to locate bead stores. I then visited some shops and found your site. Thank-you so much for the useful and self-explanatory information on all the shops. This was a most useful site. Thanks from a beader friend. Rosie

Thanks for putting this list together. Planning on visit to Alaska and some local bead shops there looking for something new and different. Thanks for this helpful travel tool. Sherrie

This is a wonderful listing of shops to find beads and things. I personally thank you for doing it. I am an avid beader and have been looking for a shop to purchase specific beads and things and haven’t been able to find one in my area until now, so I am very grateful for this information. Sue

Just want to let you know that I travel a lot in my day job and always look up the bead stores in the state I’m going to be in. I’ve been to many wonderful places. It makes the trips fun if I can hit a new bead shop. As my sister says, “even a bad bead shop will have something you want.” Thanks. Julia

Thanks for the list!! It is hard to find bead stores in the phone book especially ones in the more remote areas. Thanks for providing such a great list!! Michele

I absolutely love this site. It is simple to use and I have found many, many bead stores this way. If you were to publish a book, I would buy it! I just returned from a vacation and took your guide with me. Thank you! April

Thank YOU, Greg. Because of your website, I visited a store that is less than 10 blocks away from me that I’d never heard about! Nancy

I just wanted to let you know that this site was very helpful indeed! I live in Alabama and our only good bead shop closed suddenly. I looked through bead magazine listings and found only far away stores. I found your website through a Google search and noticed that there ‘are’ bead shops easier for me to get to. Thank you for having these shops listed (with links!) I feel relieved to know I can finally get my supplies now without driving for several hours! Thank you again! Julie

Hi, I love this site!! I travel for my “day job” quite a bit. Before leaving I always check Guide to Beadwork to look for bead shops in the area I will be visiting. Thanks for all your hard work on the site…It’s great!! Hannah

This is absolutely one of, if not THE best sources of information on beads I have come across. And I have spent MANY hours hunting.I really can’t express correctly just how impressed I am with your site. Thanks for such an informative site. Lori

I discovered your web site through Google and I love it! How useful is this?? What a novel idea — I’m just getting into beading and had no idea where any shops were. Thanks for the help and for a great web site!! Dawn

I just wanted to applaud your efforts to list bead stores throughout the world. You have, by far, the largest, most comprehensive list I’ve seen to date!!! As soon as I found it I bookmarked it!! Alexis

Congrats on a really helpful site. I was happy to find it when I clicked Search for beading. I am hoping to restring my pearls. I am looking forward to doing it, now that I found a supplier in NJ. Best wishes for growing success. Tarra

Thanks, your website is very informative. I look forward to checking out some of the other stores on your website. Kathy

I’ve been looking for just exactly this list of bead shops. I live in a small town between Portland and Salem and my phone book doesn’t cover any beading areas. Thank you very much for the resource! Susan

I think you have done a wonderful job helping others like myself explore the wonderful joy of beading and I for one am very glad of all the hard work and time you have put into helping spread the craft. I think you have done a wonderful job helping others like myself explore the wonderful joy of beading and I for one am very glad of all the hard work and time you have put into helping spread the craft. I’m sure there are a lot of beaders in Hawaii who would find your page informational. I plan to share the information I have found through your site with my fellow beaders here in Hawaii. Your site is in my favorite places folder and I plan to visit often. When this was written, there were only about 100 stores in the list and they were all in Washington, Oregon and California where the first printed edition of Guide To Beadwork was marketed. –greg

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