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HEADLINE: Michigan: Lakes Receding – # Bead Stores Rising
October 2007 Is there a correlation? Definitely. Cause and Effect? Only expensive research and time may tell… (Fact: Illinois was the last state to exceed 100 bead stores) Michigan exceeded 100 stores recently. As a result, it is receiving its own City Index in the same format as California, Florida, Illinois, New York and Washington. These retail store listing (Blue) pages get pretty large and unwieldy when they have so many listings.

The Michigan City Index is already posted. We hope you enjoy this new City Index addition and that it improves your ‘finding a bead store’ experience.

The ‘by Store Name’ and ‘by Zip Code’ pages remain unchanged and you can even navigate to the old ‘by City’ page, but the only links to it are on the ‘by Store’ and ‘by Zip’ pages.

September 2007 The free City Location map links included with free listings have been improved. They now designate the location of the city on a smaller scale map showing most or all of the state or country where it is located. Previously, the maps were too large scale, often showing city streets and the ‘red star’ had absolutely no relation to the exact store location. This confused some visitors and naturally so.

Now the ‘City Location’ link behaves as it should, showing where the city is within the state or country. There should be no further confusion of this sort. ‘Traveling beaders’ will find it far more useful now.

Sponsored map links (with stars next to the store name) are unchanged. They are still hand-tested to place the ‘red star’ at the exact store location on a large scale map showing surrounding streets. The Driving Directions link for sponsored listings is also unchanged.

April 2007 Your webmaster has left on a cross-country vision quest to discover who he has become. Although the previous backlog has been eliminated (thanks for your patience), website maintenance will be slower than normal during most of April and perhaps beyond. All store addition and update forms are processed by hand to avoid spammers. I have decided (randomly) that finding a ‘used blimp or dirigible airship’ will be the ‘central focus’ of my quest. Email me if you know of one for sale.

If you should happen to see a strange looking man lurking about your bead store during the next few weeks, talking to himself and not buying or selling anything, get the butterfly net…

HEADLINE: One Day Interuption
March 2007 GuideToBeadwork.com was down on February 26. With all I’ve been going through around my soul mate’s recent death, I am embarrassed to admit that I simply forgot to pay the bill. My apologies to all visitors who got frustrated that day trying to access the site and to my loyal customers who rely on traffic from GTB for a portion of their business. The addition/update backlog is still large. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
February 2007 Willow Wood, my significant other for four years, passed away Sat Jan 27 around one AM, peacefully and surrounded by her loving family. Jan reports will be late. This month I am occupied with her memorial events. She was the elected reigning Kinetic Kween of Port Townsend, where we lived when she passed. Hundreds attended the main memorial service on Feb 3. She was diagnosed with lung cancer around Thanksgiving and began chemotherapy the day after Christmas. She suffered multiple mini-strokes beginning Jan 17 (right after her second chemo session).

If you have not received a response after more than a month, it is probably appropriate to inquire again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

HEADLINE: Website Maintenance is RUNNING LATE
January 2007 Newsletters and click-through reports for Nov and Dec 2006 as well as store updates and additions ran late. Willow entered the hospital about Thanksgiving. She was in and out (mostly in) since then. The hospital is over two hours from my computers so site maintenance is very backlogged. I was there pretty much the whole time. If you have not received a response after a month or more, it is probably appropriate to inquire again. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Tax-deductible gifts to help offset Willow’s unpaid medical and estate expenses can be made via PayPal using this form or you can mail a check to:

Willow’s Cancer Fund
c/o Greg Vinson
P.O. Box 553
Chimacum, WA 98325

Thanks in advance.

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