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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will hopefully find answers to many of your questions. If there is something which you cannot find the answer to, tell us what you think and we will add your question to this list.

How do I get my store listed?

  • Click on Register then submit your listing about your store.

How do I get a wholesaler or manufacturer listed?

  • Wholesalers and manufacturers can Register and then add their information but choose the Wholesale Manufacturers category. The listing does cost $200/year. After your listing is approved you can log in and edit it and add the additional information included in a Wholesale Manufacturer listing. These include:
    • Store images
    • Longer description
    • Link to your stores website
  • There will be additional information for these in the future. I am looking for input as to what they would be.

How do I report a store closed?

  • Click on the Report a Closed Store link and let us know. Please tell us the store’s name, city, and state/province or country. Lots of stores have the same name and we want to update the right one. We will verify any notices we get to try and keep malicious use down.

How do I update my store?

  • Click on the Login link then enter your username & password to log in.
  • If this is your first time here to edit your listing and don’t have a password yet please Register then “claim your listing”.
  • Your user name is the store’s email address that is on the listing.
  • The new password will be sent the this email address.

How do I send you an update about a store?

  • Click on the Submit a Store Update link and let us know. Updates will take 2-3 business day to become live.

What is the benefit of being Featured Listing?

  • Featured Listing gives you best exposure by placing your listing always on the top of category page and search result (default sorting), with different design.
  • Additional information is included with a Featured Listing including:
    • Store images
    • Longer description
    • Google Map links
    • Link to your stores website

How can I help?

  • One of the most helpful things any user can do to ensure GuideToBeadwork.com’s continued success is to simply to let bead store owners know that you found them here!!
  • Also, please monitor bead suppliers in your local area for changes. Area codes for phone numbers (for example) change often these days. With thousands of stores worldwide currently in the list, well, you get the idea. It’s a way to really help out that doesn’t cost anything more than a few minutes at your computer.
  • Report errors you find at the site. We ALWAYS appreciate the “heads up”. There is a link to report a problem on every page.
  • Add a link to guidetobeadwork.com on your web site. This helps it stay well positioned in search engines.
  • You can now support GTB through a financial gift by becoming a Banner Ads and Sponsorship
  • We are also always looking for new ideas to improve Guide To Beadwork and make it a more useful resource to beaders, stores, wholesales, and manufacturers.

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