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Free Beaded Earring Patterns (2/17/2012)

2012 February 17

Peyote Tube Earrings

Peyote Tube Earrings

Peyote Stitch Earrings | Patterns for Beads


Delica beads used to peyote stitch tubes to go on headpins to make earrings.

Beadwork: Beadwork: Most Popular Articles: Beaded Earring Patterns


Beaded Earring Patterns. Dec 12th 2011, 11:15. Here are some of the best beaded earring pattern on this site, with projects for beaders of all skill levels.

Elegance Earrings

Elegance Earrings

Operation Tackle That Bead Stash!: Pattern Finds – Elegance


This beautiful earring pattern by Jaycee Patterns on Etsy would be perfect for a special occasion! (as always click on the pic to go to the listing) Happy beading!

It’s All About Creating: Free Beaded Earring Pattern


Free Beaded Earring Pattern. Emily Hackbarth’s “Holiday Harvest Corn” free bead pattern from (click HERE). These can be made into earrings, a pin or pendant.

Dangly Hearts Earrings

Dangly Hearts Earrings

Dangly Heart Earring Pattern Bead Pattern by Thread A Bead


Dangly Heart Earring Pattern Bead Pattern by ThreadABead. 2500+ bead patterns available. Miyuki bead kits, toho jewellery bead kits and ThreadABead bead kits available to buy worldwide. Many FREE bead patterns and beading

Beading pattern Wheel Earrings – Ellad2 30, 2011

Beading tutorials and patterns. My beading friend Karyn, made instead of Wheel Earrings a wonderful Wheel pendant. “I think this one “earring took me close to 3 hours to make, so definitely not a quick piece.

Wire and Bead Earrings

Wire and Bead Earrings

Wire and Bead Earring How-To – A Step-by-Step Wire Earring Tutorial – Handmadeology 10

You can vary the number of beads, shapes, colors and patterns as you please. String another bead onto the wire and repeat the previous step until you have seven or eight beads. Learn how to make these modern elegant wire and bead earrings.

Beaded Earrings: Wheel Earrings with seed beads, bugles and Swarovski bicones | Beaded Jewelry Hello Beads Friends! Last night I was playing with beads and this is what I got ^^ I created a new bead pattern and then, us…

How to Make Daisy Chain Earrings

by Catherine Fox for This daisy chain video will show you earring beading patterns to make adorable daisy chain earrings that dangle.

DNA Beaded Earrings: How to weave a double helix with beads by Gwen Fisher

Learn how to weave a double helix using seed beads and bugle beads. Color code your helix to represent base pair codings of your favorite DNA sequence.

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