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Happy New Year: Beading Resolutions (1/2/2012)

2012 January 2
Seattle New Years Eve 2011

Happy New Years from Guide to Beadwork! This is the time of year we all make our resolutions – why not make them Beading Resolutions. It will be so much easier to accomplish than losing weight, exercising or some other boring resolution you know won’t last through January. šŸ˜‰

I read a great article on the Fire Mountain Gems website that gives you some greatĀ  ideas. Here’s the main points, but please go and read the whole article:

Bead in the New Year: Beading Resolutions

by Kristal Wick for Fire Mountain Gems and BeadsĀ®
  1. Resolve to pick up a stitching project BEFORE opening the pint of Ben and Jerry’s.
    – Or chocolate or cookies…
  2. Resolve to give back more.
    – Donate jewelry to a charity, teach kids basic jewelry stringing, teach your friends how to bead…
  3. Resolve to organize the studio 1/2 hour a day 3 days a week.
    It’s too hard to tackle it all at once – working for a short time or cleaning up one section makes it easier…
  4. Resolve to declutter jewelry making/crafting magazines and books.
    Swap magazines and books you don’t need anymore with your beading friends…
  5. Resolve to hook up with peeps regularly.
    – Get togetherĀ  with your bead friends on a regular basis…
  6. Resolve to multi-task when sitting in front of the TV.
    – You’re just sitting there anyway – get a project in your lap…
  7. Resolve to take care of UFOs (Un Finished Objects).
    – Once a month or once a week tackle some of those unfinished project…
  8. Resolve to explore a new color palette this year.
    – Stuck in a color rut? Resolve to try new colors this year…
  9. Learn a new technique.
    – Try a new stitch or a new medium…
  10. Resolve to remember NO is a complete sentence.
    – Don’t commit to doing so much for others that you don’t have time for yourself – to bead!
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