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Happy New Year: Beading Resolutions (1/2/2012)

2012 January 2
Happy New Year: Beading Resolutions

Happy New Years from Guide to Beadwork! This is the time of year we all make our resolutions – why not make them Beading Resolutions. It will be so much easier to accomplish than losing weight, exercising or some other boring resolution you know won’t last through January. Happy New Year: Beading Resolutions

I read a great article on the Fire Mountain Gems website that gives you some great  ideas. Here’s the main points, but please go and read the whole article:

Bead in the New Year: Beading Resolutions

by Kristal Wick for Fire Mountain Gems and Beads®
  1. Resolve to pick up a stitching project BEFORE opening the pint of Ben and Jerry’s.
    - Or chocolate or cookies…
  2. Resolve to give back more.
    - Donate jewelry to a charity, teach kids basic jewelry stringing, teach your friends how to bead…
  3. Resolve to organize the studio 1/2 hour a day 3 days a week.
    It’s too hard to tackle it all at once – working for a short time or cleaning up one section makes it easier…
  4. Resolve to declutter jewelry making/crafting magazines and books.
    Swap magazines and books you don’t need anymore with your beading friends…
  5. Resolve to hook up with peeps regularly.
    - Get together  with your bead friends on a regular basis…
  6. Resolve to multi-task when sitting in front of the TV.
    - You’re just sitting there anyway – get a project in your lap…
  7. Resolve to take care of UFOs (Un Finished Objects).
    - Once a month or once a week tackle some of those unfinished project…
  8. Resolve to explore a new color palette this year.
    - Stuck in a color rut? Resolve to try new colors this year…
  9. Learn a new technique.
    - Try a new stitch or a new medium…
  10. Resolve to remember NO is a complete sentence.
    - Don’t commit to doing so much for others that you don’t have time for yourself – to bead!
Happy New Year: Beading Resolutions

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by Julie Hunkar
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