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Seed Bead Designs (1/23/2012)

2012 January 23

Linda asks…

Where can I find designs to follow for adding seed beads/sequins to a wedding veil?

Kate Middleton's Bridal Veil

Bridal Veil Kate Middleton

I am making my daughter’s veil…cathedral length. Bodice of dress is alencon lace that is heavily embellished with seed pearls, tiny silver beads, translucent bugle beads and sequins. I need design guidelines for embellishing the veil. Thanks!!!

BeadGal answers:

Here is a video with some guidelines:


This site has a lot of pictures which may give you great ideas:

Laura asks…

Lizard and other designs made out of small seed beads?

3D Beaded Animals

3D Beaded Animals

How do you make lizard and other designs made out of small seed beads websites with pictures please.

BeadGal answers:

This site had some 3D patterns.  I don’t see a lizard, but they do have dragons and birds and other animals:

You could also search Bead Patterns for “3D” – I found almost 100 patterns for 3D items…

Donna asks…

Can anyone lead me to a place where I can find jewelery designs?

Seed Bead Pattern

Seed Bead Pattern

I need some designs to make earrings, I work with #15 seed beads. Ideas of places to get books, designs, or anything like that.

BeadGal answers:

Funny you should ask… I just stumbled on a site called The Bead Coop that had literally thousands of patterns, for peyote and brick stitch as well as loomed. I saw lots of earring patterns there. Mostly the patterns use Delicas, but you can convert, I’m sure, if you’re experienced enough to be using 15/0 beads.

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