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Free Bead Loom Patterns (2/3/2012)

2012 February 3

Bead Loom

Bead Loom

The Stitchy Life: Bead Loom Tutorial


and the rest are only a “free bead loom pattern” google search away :D. Cross stitch embroidery patterns work too. Please let me know if you try this- I’d love to see your projects!!! ENJOY! xx, Nicky. Posted by Nicky on 12/07/

Greek Key-Loom Bead Weaving Pattern | Amari’s Beading

my-amari.com2/1/12 of her style of loom bead weaving. I enjoy loom beading but for me, hiding, weaving in, or in other words having to mess with warp threads at all has been the biggest hindrance from doing much loom work, so her no warp method

A Word From Claudia: Next Mirrix Free Bead Pattern


This blog will span the worlds of fiber and bead art with a dash of poetry and politics. It is blog central for Mirrix Tapestry & Bead Looms, which is owned and operated by Claudia Chase. It is also related to the purely creative

Bead Loom Patterns

Bead Loom Patterns

Amazing Beadwork by Peggy Dembicer


It consists of 12412 seed beads and took about 45 hours to design and weave. Its dimensions, unframed, are 7 by 10 inches. I love it! Another of Peggy’s loom designs is a tribute to Tim Burton’s Mad Hatter character.

Beading, Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Free Bead Pattern


Features loom and peyote bead patterns, pattern library, and photo gallery. Bead Crochet Tips and techniques for bead stringing, crochet, stitchery, and loom weaving. You can even learn bead crochet through free animated online lessons!

Loom beading basics – finding patterns (and making your own


Loom beading basics – finding patterns (and making your own). It can actually be pretty hard to find free bead patterns online – searching for ‘free bead patterns‘ brings up around 300000 hits, but most of them are either

Bead Loom Alphabet

Bead Loom Alphabet

Bouncing Wolf’s Beading Journey: Brain Storm


I have been spending a lot of time at my beading loom lately. I want to be sure beaders who enjoy working in different techniques can enjoy the patterns. Feel free to adopt this idea to use in your own beadwork. It sure is

Beadwork: Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Bead on a Loom


Loom beading is faster than off-loom beading because it enables you to stitch multiple beads in a single pass of needle and thread. Unlike off-loom beading, however, loom beading requires that you set up …. Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Three Star Circular Peyote Stitch Earring Pattern. Beadwork: What’s Hot Now … Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Blue Spiral Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Sufi Winged Heart Free B… Beadwork: What’s Hot Now: Best Books to Learn Bead.

Versa-Loom Part 1, Easy Loom Bracelet Tutorial

How to use the Versa-Loom Part 1, wrapping the warp bars for beading. http Bead Patterns and Tutorials available @ Lots of Free Bead Patterns and Tutorials @

How To Bead On A Loom Dragon Loom by Beth Murr I made this video as a send off to this loom. It is on its way to a new owner in Canada. My brother constructed this loom. I took it to Bar Harbor, Maine while working as a travel nurse. There I stained and wood burned it. Yo…

How To Bead On A Loom – The Removal – – – Tape Method – – – by Beth Murr

Buy the pattern here I love loomwork. It goes so fast. Patterns are very easy to follow. I’m just not crazy about the removal process. I would love some video responses from other beaders. My Website

Beads Projects – How to use a beading loom

A very good tool , easy to use , beading loom to make bracelets with a seed beads –


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