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Free Beading Instructions: Beading Q And A (1/6/2012)

2012 January 6

Laura asks…

I’m looking for a free tutorial on fully beaded handbag and purse?

Beaded PurseI want to have a step to step instructions on fully beaded handbag and purses

BeadGal answers:

 This site has some free beaded purse patterns:

If you don’t like those, here is a great book:

Lizzie asks…

Where can I find free on-line instructions for beaded jewelry?

I am interested in making beaded jewelry but don’t want to pay the expense of magazines with only of couple of items that I like. Where can I find nice beaded jewellery instructions on the net?

Sharon asks…

I’m interested in exchanging ideas with people who are interested in jewelry making?

Whether they are just starting out, or well into the hobby. I would say that my level of involvement is at a beginners stage. But I have a boat load of supplies accumulated. Seriously, a lot of beads. I would love to see some of the work that people have found, or made themselves. So many of the designs that I find in the books are horrid. 

BeadGal answers:

If you check the library, especially a downtown one, for a lot of designs that are easy and hard. Michael’s and other craft stores sell a lot of design books. Beading magazines are helpful too.

I found though, the best designs come from people not books. Try to find a local class at a nearby bead store or fair and ask the pro’s for some how-to’s and favorite designs. Take those and add your own twist.

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