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Free Beading Instructions 2: Beading Q And A (1/13/2012)

2012 January 13

Ruth asks…

Beaded Animal Patterns

Beaded Animal Patterns

Any web sites for beading animals patterns?

BeadGal answers:

Beaded animal patterns

Baby Bead Frog w/Video


Beaded Butterfly

Carol asks…

Beaded Moccassin and Mukluk Patterns

Beaded Moccassin and Mukluk Patterns

I make moccasins/mukluks and I am looking for some nice beading patterns to put on them. Can anyone help me?

BeadGal answers:

Found a great site resource. If you scroll down a bit there is a list of instructions. There’s also a lot of other links on this page to other places which might interest you, other than beading and such :) As well as kits and books.

Susan asks…

My wedding dress is plain white and I want some beading on it! Where would I find pre-made patterns to sew on?

I work full time and am a horrible seamstress and am looking for beading pre-made to just be able to attach to the dress in the stomach area and bottom of the dress

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BeadGal answers:

How about trying and using their hot fix flatback swarovski crystals. You have to buy a tool which is about $20. But it’s worth it in the end. I did this to my daughters Communion dress which was full length, it took some time but it was worth it!! No dress will look like your dress. Have fun with it.

Maria asks…

Beading for Teens

Beading for Teens

What are some cool beading craft sites?

What are some great beading pattern sites that are fun for teen girls to try?

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