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Beading Q And A: Swarovski Beads Cheap (7/27/2011)

2011 July 27

Sandy asks…

Have you ever bought beads from Ebay?

I’m looking to get back into jewelry making and while I was on Ebay I noticed lots of 400ct Swarovski Crystal beads going for 99cents etc….

I’m almost scared to bid because it seems so cheap!

BeadGal answers:

My ebay rating is 141 which means I have made 141 purchases. About 3 of those were bad and each time I got my money back because I used PayPal. Just look at the seller’s positive feedback rating. If it’s between 99.5 and 100% you should be OK. I have gotten lots of things for just 99 cents. That is usually the starting bid and if no one else bids, then you get it for 99 cents. Just watch out for the shipping. If it seems to be too much, ask the seller what the actual shipping is.

Lisa asks…

Please help?

Does any one know where i can buy glass beads for cheapSwarovski, glass, or crystal beads

BeadGal answers:

Try – they have a great (and wide) selection of a variety of those types of items. Best of luck!

Ruth asks…

What beads are used on this wedding dress?

I have already bought my dress but I am disappointed with the beading.

I would LOVE beading like this:

I have found somebody to sew it on for me but I would like to supply them with the beads because I think it will be cheaper.

I would ideally like to use ebay to buy the beads. I used the zoom function on the site but I still cant see clear enough, do you know what shape beads would give that effect? Are there silver beads as well as swarovski crystals do you think?

I thought they were silver drop shapes but now I’m not sure can anybody help?

Thank you

BeadGal answers:

It is hard to tell, but it is definitely Swarovski crystals by the description – they could be crystal (clear) or silver colored, or crystal Swarovski’s and silver beads.

You might see if any bridal stores near you carry the dress so you could see it in person.

Carol asks…

Does anyone know where to find a bead store in southern California, San Gabriel Valley?

I really like to work with beads, but I also need to find a store with classes and items at a reasonable price. I heard there’s been fake Swarovski crystals sold at a cheaper price, but I want the genuine ones. Thank you for helping me find the appropriate store! (:

BeadGal answers:

Check our California retail bead store listings to find a store hear you:,cat_id,7-california-bead-stores–ca-.php

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  1. MainStPrincess permalink
    July 27, 2011

    If you are looking for GOOD crystal in the L.A. area, try The Bohemian Crystal 810 S. Maple Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90014. Tel: 213.624.2121. (downtown in the jewelry district) and Silver Sky International
    – 6428 Bellingham Avenue, North Hollywood – (818) 980-6038.
    Hope these help. I went to both on a regular basis.

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