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Crystal Bead Jewelry Tutorials (6/12/2015)

2015 June 12

Today I’ve found some great beading patterns using crystals. While we love to use Swarovski crystals, sometimes you just can’t afford it. So Chinese crystals are a great substitution as are fire-polished beads. However, you can usually substitute pearls, semi-precious beads or other beads that are the same size.

Beaded Snowflake Jewelry Patterns

Beaded Snowflake Jewelry Patterns

Sparkle With Beaded Snowflake Jewelry Patterns Thu, 08 Jan 2015 09:00:17 -0800

A magnet clasp makes this gorgeous bracelet easy to snap on and off. There are also instructions for making the bracelet longer or shorter for a customized fit. You’ll need a few different sizes of beads, as well as basic bead skills. Feeling a little lost when it comes to beading? No worries. Enroll in Essential Seed Bead Techniques with Leslie Rogalski to learn or just brush up on seed bead skills like peyote stitch, square stitch and closures.

Crystal Bracelets Wed, 13 Feb 2008 22:56:15 -0800

For a chic accessory, add crystals to your beading projects! These free beading patterns look fancy and expensive, but you can make them yourself on the cheap. Try these tutorials for your next special occasion, or just because! Once you learn how to make bead bracelets, you may never want to stop.

Netting Bead Patterns (6/8/2015)

2015 June 8

Bead netting can turn out so differently depending on the beads you use and the variation you do. Using netting makes great collars, which can be casual or very dressy. Tubular netting makes great solid looking bracelets. And then you can sneak in some netting to embellish components. Here are some fun tutorials to try all of the above.

Netted Pearl Necklaces

Netted Pearl Necklaces

Lovely Beaded Pearl Necklace Tutorials Wed, 05 Jun 2013 05:00:00 -0700

Beading fans are going to love this collection of really pretty beaded necklace tutorials.  First up is the Queen Margot necklace design tutorial from a Russian site – pictures only unless you read Russian! A vision in pearls!

Free Bead Netting Patterns and Instructions for Netted Beadwork Mon, 21 Jul 2014 10:59:27 -0700

Explore the world of bead netting and how you can use this easy, versatile bead-weaving stitch in your beaded jewelry-making projects and for your beaded jewelry design ideas! Five fun, free projects from the pages of Beadwork magazine and two bead netting tutorials will give you plenty of instruction and inspiration for using beaded netting to create beautiful beaded jewelry.

Mixed Media Tutorials (6/5/2015)

2015 June 5

Today I have some mixed media jewelry tutorials. It’s going to be pretty warm this weekend (at least in Ohio) so why not stay in. Dig through your jewelry making items and see what you can put together from different medias!

Turquoise Dreams Mixed Media Necklace Tutorial

Turquoise Dreams Mixed Media Necklace Tutorial

Turquoise Dreams Mixed Media Necklace Tutorial Mon, 21 Apr 2014 20:06:36 -0700

I wanted to make a stunning necklace to showcase it but, alas, inspiration refused to come pay me a visit. So, one day I decided to wrap the donut in copper wire since I love that color combination. And then, it went back into the bead box for a while, again until I came across Erin Siegel’s beautiful necklace in a book. So, the rest of the design concept of this necklace came from Erin Siegel.

Mixed Media Jewelry – Tutorial Wed, 23 Mar 2011 08:37:00 -0700

A couple of people asked for a tutorial on the mixed media jewelry, so I’ve put together an outline. There are so many possibilities here that I’ve just gotten started and I’m sure everyone else can come up with variations on these basics.

SuperDuo Bead Patterns (6/1/2015)

2015 June 1

I’ve found some new SuperDuo patterns as well as videos on three different wrap bracelets using SuperDuos.Sorry about missing last week’s Wednesday and Friday posts. We’ve been redoing the kitchen and it was flooring time over the Memorial Day weekend. We were exhausted all week. Didn’t even bead…

SuperDuo Mary Ann Bracelet

SuperDuo Mary Ann Bracelet

Free Beading Pattern: Mary Ann Bracelet Fri, 08 May 2015 04:57:00 -0700

This free bracelet pattern is another wonderful creation by Teejay. If you recall, she sent me one of these bracelets for my birthday and I blogged about it…

Herringbone Weave with Superduo Beads Sat, 17 May 2014 03:38:00 -0700

Ever since I first came across superduo beads, I felt sure that they could be woven such that they made a herringbone pattern, just like brick pavements. Looking on the net the closest that I could find was this, by the Potomac Bead Co… but this also incorporated seed beads, so it was not what I was looking for, though it is a lovely design.

Happy Memorial Day! (5/25/2015)

2015 May 25

 Just a quick post for Memorial. Here are links to some great collections of patriotic bead patterns – some free, some you need to buy. Don’t forget to thank a soldier, do something nice for a veteran or say a pray for everyone in the military. We live in the land of the free because of the brave!

Patriotic Holiday Patterns from Bead Patterns Boutique:|&cat=41

5 Free Patriotic Jewelry Patterns From Bead And Button:

Patriotic Bead Patterns from Bead-Patterns:

Patriotic Bead Tutorials Available on Etsy

Wavy American Flag Bracelet from Potomac Bead Company

Patriotic Star Earrings

How to Bead Weave a Star with Brick Stitch