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Free Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns (4/2/2014)

2014 April 2

Seed bead bracelets can be very satisfying to make as they are usually quicker than necklaces. They also make great gifts. With so many new bead types out (2-hole, O beads, peanuts, etc., there are tons and tons of seed bead bracelet patterns on the Internet. Here are some great ones I found:

Simplicity Beaded Bracelet

Simplicity Beaded Bracelet

Simplicity – beaded bracelet – free pattern Wed, 26 Mar 2014 16:21:00 GMT

Just as I promised yesterday, I’ve got for you the free tutorial for a beaded bracelet. “Simplicity” is yours now. You will need 6mm round beads, SuperDuo beads, 4mm fire polished beads, 8/o seed beads (2 pcs), 11/o seed beads, beading thread, size 10, 2 x metal jump rings (optional), a clasp of your choice… The exact number of beads depends on your individual desired length.

Make An Easy Right-angle Weave Bracelet With O-beads Wed, 05 Mar 2014 07:00:00 GMT

So, I’ve got a half dozen colors of the new O-beads sitting on my bead board, and a handful of round glass druks, and I need an idea for a bracelet making project. Up until now, I’ve only ever used the O-beads as embellishments for bead embroidery, but I’ve been positively drooling over the bead-weaving projects I’ve seen being made with them. To test the waters and see what it’s like to use these new shaped beads, I turn to my favorite bracelet making technique: right-angle weave!

Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (3/31/2014)

2014 March 31

Herringbone/Ndebele stitch is not one I use a lot, but I do like it. Flat Herringbone gives a nice, smooth finish for bracelets, while Tubular Ndebele is great for necklaces. Herringbone/Ndebele is also  great for adding inclusions, like the Ndebele Wave #2 below. Ndebele stitch comes from the African Ndebele tribe. I’ve included an article on the various stitches in Africa that came from different tribes, or regions. If you haven’t tried Herringbone/Ndebele stitch, I’ve included some great beginner instructions.

Flat Herringbone Bead Stitch

Flat Herringbone Bead Stitch

Flat Herringbone Bead Stitch Fri, 07 Mar 2014 14:03:00 GMT

The herringbone stitch is great if you want to use a assortment of beads. You can easily transition into a new row too. If you are making a bracelet you can add dimension and shape just by using different beads for each row. Your bracelet will still lay flat too.

Jazzy Herringbone Bracelet Fri, 08 Jul 2011 04:00:00 GMT

 I  love herringbone stitch, and the textures in twisted tubular herringbone stitch make some pretty fantastic beaded necklaces and bracelets. I love using this beadweaving stitch to make beaded ropes and straps for my bead-embroidered cabochon pendants, and lately I’ve been experimenting with adding a little bit of texture and color to my beaded herringbone ropes. Jazzing up your next tubular twisted herringbone rope is easier than you might think, and you can probably do it with the beads you already have in your stash!

Easy Beaded Christmas Ornament Patterns (3/28/2014)

2014 March 28

You may think it’s a little early to start making Christmas ornaments, but we always wait to the last minute and then don’t have time. Besides, with all the snow and cold we’ve had, it still kind of feels like Christmas. Why not get started now so you have a bunch ready? They make great small gifts or you can keep them on hand for last minute gifts. Everyone appreciates handmade a gift. And these are all especially easy and cheap. Some you could even the kids to help. Merry Christmas!!

Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover

Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover

Free Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:00:00 GMT

This beaded ornament cover is a fairly easy way to spice up your ornament and it would be a great gift for someone special. I like a project that looks complex but can easily be created in one sitting. Some beaded ornament covers are so complex – they must take days to accomplish. So if you are like me and like some instant gratification, this project is for you!

Beaded Star Ornaments Tue, 03 Dec 2013 15:56:00 GMT

This holiday season I’ve challenged myself to re-purpose and create handmade decorations for my home instead of spending a fortune on expensive pre-made items from the stores. I have been having a delightful time! The very first craft of the season were these adorable beaded stars.

Free Beadweaving Tutorials (3/26/2014)

2014 March 26

Spring is (almost) here. This time of the year we all want to start using those wonderful spring colored beads we have. Some of us start a little early in hopes of making it feel like spring! I have rounded up some beadweaving tutorials that will get you ready for spring…

Filigree Rings Tutorial

Beadweaving Filigree Rings Tutorial Wed, 19 Feb 2014 15:15:00 GMT

I’m going to try a little tutorial, so easy to make, rings with superduo or twin beads and a filigree setting like mine. It’s easy to make, not my idea, so sorry about. I think there´s not other tutorial to explain it. As soon as you finish the circle you have all the beadweaving work finish. It´s time to start sewing the beadwork to the setting.

Learn Beadweaving (Brickstitch) With a Beaded Earring Tutorial Sun, 11 Mar 2012 03:25:33 GMT

Many Native American and other heritages are rich with fine woven beadwork. This tutorial teaches a stitch called Brickstitch, which can be used to make everything from these earrings to more elaborate shapes. Start by practicing these instructions, and soon you’ll be able to make so many beautiful beaded items.

Free Magatama Seed Bead Weaving Patterns (3/24/2014)

2014 March 24

Free Magatama Seed Bead Weaving Patterns maga scale bracelet (with miyuki long magatamas) how to make a wire wrapped glass drop bead bracelet how to braid beaded kumihimo with long magatama beads free magatama seed bead weaving patterns festive wreath kumihimo bracelet cute and easy brick stitch bangle combining tilas and magatamas

Cute And Easy Brick Stitch Bangle

Cute And Easy Brick Stitch Bangle Wed, 12 Mar 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Beaded bangle bracelets are a cinch to size when you use a brick stitch base! Using basic brick stitch with large beads (size 8 or size 6) let you make a substantial-feeling bangle bracelet that will fit you like a glove. Want to try this fast, easy, and super-cute brick stitch bangle bracelet beading project? Have fun!

Tiny Flowers With Long Magatama Tue, 12 Jul 2011 13:24:00 GMT

I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with these Miyuki Long Magatama 4/7 m/m beads! While I was designing my pinecone I kept looking at the first couple rows and thinking what a darling little flower this would make. So I’ve whipped up a few just for fun. Take a look. Most of the flowers are created by just working the first two rows of the pinecone pattern and then sewing a bead in the center.

Free Magatama Seed Bead Weaving Patterns maga scale bracelet (with miyuki long magatamas) how to make a wire wrapped glass drop bead bracelet how to braid beaded kumihimo with long magatama beads free magatama seed bead weaving patterns festive wreath kumihimo bracelet cute and easy brick stitch bangle combining tilas and magatamas

Combining Tilas and Magatamas