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Free Beaded Rope Patterns (10/10/2014)

2014 October 10

I love the rhythm and repetitiveness of beaded ropes. You almost get in a “zen” like state when you get in the groove of a beaded rope stitch. Many beaded ropes are spirals, some that are not. It is fun to make pendants, or buy art beads (clay, lampwork, wood, metal, etc.) and make a beaded rope to pair them with. I really enjoy picking out the colors for the beaded rope to make the pendants.

Waltz Rope and Polka Dot Beaded Beads

Waltz Rope and Polka Dot Beaded Beads

Waltz Rope And Polka Dot Beaded Beads Instructions Thu, 13 Mar 2014 21:52:00 -0700

I’ve talked a few times this week about my “new” technique for stitching a rope using Super Duos and seed beads and how it’s very similar to other designers’ ropes.  It’s not exactly like theirs, though, so like I mentioned yesterday, I now feel comfortable writing up my instructions.  However, I don’t feel comfortable charging for those instructions, so I’m making them available for free right here!

Options for Finishing Your Beaded Ropes Sun, 20 Jul 2014 23:00:00 -0700

Pretty much any stitch can be turned into a beaded rope by working it with a tubular thread path, and there are even a couple of stitches (like spiral rope and African helix) that only exist as a beaded rope. When it comes to making intricate beaded necklaces, my preferred design idea is to start with a beaded rope — they can be used for a lot more than just hanging pendants. Here are 3 options for finishing your beaded ropes that will ignite your creativity!

Free Seed Bead Patterns (10/8/2014)

2014 October 8

 I can’t quite decide if seed beads or crystals are more addictive. I’ll call it a tie. Today I found some nice tutorials. It’s funny how there are some projects you just HAVE to do right away when you see them. Even though you have 10 projects started and 100 kits waiting… I drop everything and make something I just found. Maybe the Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings are on tonight’s beading plans.

Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings

Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings

DIY Vintage Inspired Pearl Earrings Jan 2013

I have a serious slight obsession with vintage jewelry. I particularly love big, pretty earrings from the 1950s and 1960s. I usually end up using them to make necklaces and bracelets though because they are always too big for my ears and look a little silly on me. This weekend, I came across a pair I really liked and thought I could probably make something that looked similar, but much smaller.

Teardrop Earrings May 23

These teardrop earrings, featuring black and clear bicone beads and black seed beads, from Craftsy member darlovely are absolutely stunning. Make them for yourself as a great accessory for a night out!

Free Bead Crochet Tutorials (10/6/2014)

2014 October 6

Bead crochet is so pretty, but I sure don’t get it. I’ve never crocheted or knitted and I even don’t like sewing – unless there are pretty, sparkly beads involved. I can sew them together all day long. So for you crocheters, here are some great tutorials and ideas. The Bead Crochet Jig looks interesting and I love the crab.

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

Crochet Beaded Bracelet

Crochet Beaded Bracelet Sun, 29 Jul 2007 23:30:00 -0700

I’ve found another use for my crochet cotton thread – a beaded bracelet. It’s great for summer, when you might be getting sweaty, dirty, or jumping in the pool (sea, lake, whatever), because it’s washable – so you don’t even have to take it off.

The Bead Crochet Jig Wed, 09 Mar 2011 17:56:26 -0800

When I was asked to teach classes in bead crochet, I knew there had to be a better way to make the first few rows, so that it was easier and faster to get to the fun part!! So I did a lot of experimenting and prototyping, and finally came up with the Starter Jig.

Free Brick Stitch Seed Bead Patterns (10/3/2014)

2014 October 3

Brick stitch is not as popular as it used to be – many “older” beaders remember starting with brick stitch as American Indian style earrings were very popular in the 60′s and 70′s. While brick stitch may have fallen to the way side, it is still a great stitch to have in your arsenal. It is probably the easiest stitch to make great shapes as the increases and decreases are easy.

Flower Earrings Brick Stitch Beading Pattern

Flower Earrings Brick Stitch Beading Pattern

Flower Earrings Brick Stitch Beading Pattern Fri, 19 Apr 2013 08:35:46 -0700

To me, this pair speaks for summer and early fall fashion pairings with its yellow, brown, and red combination. Of course, you can swap out the colors for a different look for each season. I’d love to see pics if you use this pattern for your own beaded creations.

The Fabulous Brick Stitch Butterflies of Karen Parker Thu, 31 Jul 2014 23:00:00 -0700

Brick stitch was the first off-loom bead-weaving stitch that I taught myself when I began learning how to bead many years ago, and I’m happy to see it being used in so many creative and innovative ways in the beading community. Read on to find out more about Karen’s brick stitch butterflies!

Free Chain Maille Tutorials (10/1/2014)

2014 October 1

 Are you feeling medieval today? Even if you aren’t… even if you can’t wrap your brain around chain maille (or your hands), you have to appreciate the craftsmanship that goes in chain maille. Chain maille runs the gamut from easy to hard – simple to complicated. If you have been to intimidated to try it, find a class at your local bead store. They can suggest something appropriate for your skill level.

DIY Chainmail Necklace

DIY Chainmail Necklace

DIY Chainmail Necklace Tue, 08 Nov 2011 04:00:34 -0800

Did you know that chainmail was the earliest form of metal armor and was invented as early as 300BC by the ancient Celts? Used as protective armor for centuries by multiple cultures, it’s still being made today – often in the form of jewelry. It’s a method I was determined to teach myself years ago as a jewelry designer and I’m so excited to share the most simple chainmail necklace tutorial. Don’t let the process intimidate you, it’s actually quite easy! So grab your pliers and let’s get medieval . . .

Chainmaille Pt 1 Tue, 15 Jul 2008 16:04:25 -0700

Artists have been adapting and creating new chainmaille for years. Just as embroidery has different stitches and knitting has cables and lace, chainmaille has “weaves.” These weaves fall into “families” based on their general method of construction. This first picture is Byzantine, a very popular weave in the European family. The second picture is Oriental 4-in-1, from the Oriental family. You can see how distinct they look. They’re woven in very different ways.