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Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (3/11/2015)

2015 March 11

The Herringbone bead stitch is very versatile. You can make flat Herringbone, tubular (Ndebele), twisted tubular, graduated, add inclusions and even use it with Peyote to make triangles and other angled pieces. See if there’s something you’d like to try today to brush up on your skills.

Bead Tutorial Herringbone Bracelet

Bead Tutorial Herringbone Bracelet

Bead Tutorial Herringbone Bracelet Wed, 01 Dec 2010 22:07:25 -0800

If you know how to weave with herringbone technique, this bracelet is a yummy piece of cake. And I don’t cover how to make the beading toggle here. It will be very long tutorial. We start the bracelet with ladder stitch. Actually you can start with herringbone or any style as your wish.

Intro to Tubular Herringbone Video Tutorial Sat, 27 Dec 2014 11:33:54 -0800

Herringbone in general tends to show the thread more than most other beading stitches.  Try to match your thread color to your bead color as much as possible.  If you are using several different colors, match to the dominant color. If you find that you’ve created your tube too wide around and it collapses, you can either thread a piece of flexible cording through your piece to stabilize it, or your can take advantage of the collapse and make it into a rectangle shape.

Free Wire Jewelry Tutorials (3/9/2015)

2015 March 9

I found some great wire jewelry tutorials today. I started beading with stringing and wire wrapping, but soon turned to beadweaving as my true love. I still use the skills I learned wire wrapping – I can make wrapped loops in my sleep and do pretty good with the basic loops. It really comes in handy and my beadweaving friends appreciate when I lend a hand with their loops.

Wire Focal Bead

Wire Focal Bead

Wire Focal Bead Tutorial Mon, 19 Jan 2015 14:14:54 -0800

Wire can make stunning beads. In this tutorial we’ll wrap wire around a knitting needle or dowel to create a focal bead – and then embellish it with seed beads. Just one of these wire beads, strung on a cord or chain, makes a striking necklace.

How To Make Adjustable Heart Ring Sat, 21 Feb 2015 01:00:16 -0800

In this wire jewelry tutorial by Grace Zarfati and XQDesigns you’ll learn 2 variations of the heart design using simple wire manipulation techniques that’s easy, even for beginners, especially, those who are just starting and learning how to make wire jewelry with wire wrapping, wire manipulation and making loops. Expert jewelry makers will also love to make this ring because it’s too cute and irresistible,not to try it out.

Free Kumihimo Seed Bead Patterns (3/6/2015)

2015 March 6

Beaded kumihimo might be the perfect project to learn or work on during these cold, snowy winter months. You can watch TV or watch the fire and braid away. I find repetitive projects like this very relaxing.

20 Cool Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns

20 Cool Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns

20 Cool Kumihimo Jewelry Patterns

Mon, 12 Jan 2015 02:11:26 -0800

Among all the braiding techniques used for jewelry-making, kumihimo is one of the most simple and versatile. This Japanese braid-making method allows you to produce both round and flat cords, being perfect for making stylish bracelets and necklaces. The spiral design produced by it makes it a good choice for beaded accessories as well. The kumihimo disk or plate and a few bobbins are the only tools necessary to work on it, apart from the thread and beads you plan to use for your project.

Kumihimo – Beads – Fun & Failure

Thu, 12 Feb 2015 03:42:00 -0800

I also tried to draw up my own Kumihimo pattern using a grid.  I found it very hard to follow.  Gave it several tries before I had to walk away from that.  lol !  Not a good week for trying new things evidently.  It happens.  But it was a learning experience and I have a solution in mind.  There is a digital program someone invented that’s suppose to be easy to use to create your own patterns in Kumihimo.  I am considering it.  This is the link HERE to that pattern maker.  I need to decide if I will use it enough to justify spending the money.

Free Bead Loom Tutorials (3/4/2015)

2015 March 4

Dang it! I still haven’t gotten back to bead looming. Seems like there is always something else shiny calling me to make. One of these days I’ll find a spot to pull out the bead looming and leave all the beads, etc., out to work on. I admire those of  you who can do bead looming and get something done.

Beading on a DIY Loom

Beading on a DIY Loom

Beading On A DIY Loom Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:26:47 -0700

The loom is really all you need to get started with beading. And I looked at it and realized that it would be very easy to make one’s own functional beading loom with some very inexpensive materials: namely a cardboard box & some string. This is one of those cases where you can get just as nice a result off a cheap DIY loom as off some manufactured metal thing with adjustable knobs and whatnot;..

Pacman Bead Loom Bracelet Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:00:57 -0700

Free tutorial with pictures on how to bead a loom beaded bracelet in under 120 minutes by beading and jewelry making with seed beads, string, and beading needle. This was a simple pattern to follow. I really don’t have much of a step by step of how to do this but I do have a pattern I made to follow so that anyone can do this really easy.

French Beaded Flower Tutorials (3/2/2015)

2015 March 2

Today, I have a new beading topic for you – French Beaded Flowers. Not sure I have the patience to do it, but I do admire the results. How nice it would be to still have your bridal bouquet because they were beaded flowers…

Beaded Floral Bridal Bouquet

Beaded Floral Bridal Bouquet

Beaded Flower Tutorial For Your Beaded Floral Bouquet Thu, 23 Sep 2010 10:00:28 -0700

I used to make these beaded flowers and it is a great idea for wedding bouquets! I agreed to have flowers for myself and the bridesmaids, and possibly as centerpieces, but only if I made them myself. No killing plants and spending butt-tons of money for something that would look pretty for a few hours then ultimately wither away.

How to Make French and Victorian Beaded Wire Flowers Mon, 22 Feb 2010 04:00:00 -0800

Bead and wire floral work is an old medieval art form. Its origin is murky but probably started in Germany with the development of steel needles and wire. The technique was popular in Italy with all the bead making there and in France. The French made “immortelles” – funeral wreaths which were placed on grave sites. Perhaps that’s why it is known as French beaded wire flowers. Victorian ladies also loved decorating with beaded flowers.