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Netted Bead Patterns (3/8/2016)

2016 March 8

I found you some great netting tutorials for you today. I love netting because, as I’ve said before, it’s fast, it’s pretty and it uses less beads than most other stitches. If you haven’t tried netting, today might be the day to start!

Horizontal Netting Stitch

Horizontal Netting Stitch

How to do Horizontal Netting Stitch

You can use netting stitch to form a base for bracelets and necklaces. On its own, netting stitch creates a pretty, lacy effect. Once you’ve created a base of netting stitch, it’s easy to embellish your beadwork by creating another beaded layer on top of (or in between) those lacy windows. This tutorial is based on horizontal netting stitch. You’ll be working side to side to create the beadwork and it’s quite straightforward to learn, making this an ideal project for beginners or intermediate level beaders. You’ll only need a few materials to get started!

How to Do a Netting Stitch for Beaded Jewelry

Watch this video for an introduction to a very versatile stitch, the Netting Stitch. In this tutorial, the process is shown step-by-step to create angular pendants and drops for necklaces with seed beads. Learn how to do a netting stitch for beaded jewelry by watching and following along.

Three Bead Net

Three Bead Net

Three Bead Net Classroom

This is just a simple classroom to show all of you who are interested how I make my netted bags. I know that there are many variations out there on doing this, but this is the way that works the easiest for me. To finish, stitch the bottom of the bag closed by zig-zagging back and forth between the nets. Close it together and you will see how they will fit into each other similar to a zipper. Attach fringe and a strap and you are done!

Tubular Net Stitch

Net stitch is a pretty, lacy stitch that works up very quickly. It’s my personal favorite for mini amulet pouches. Like Peyote stitch , this stitch also has a step-down. As usual, we will not be working with enough thread in this example to actually finish a project. If you care to create a bag, please feel free to use as much thread as you like. The bead count is adequate to create a miniature amulet bag, which I usually sell as Crystal Keeper bags.

Embellishing Netting

Embellishing Netting

Embellishing Netting

Add texture and sparkle to a beadwoven netted bracelet! If you know the easy netting stitch, you can learn to embellish it with crystals or other beads of your choice! See the tabs below for all products, tools and techniques used to make this piece, plus related Inspiration designs and any additional tips that may be helpful to you!

Horizontal Beaded Netting Diagram Tutorial

Horizontal beaded netting is a lacy, open stitch that involves picking up sets of beads with each stitch. Each row of horizontal netting is made up of a zig- zagging horizontal line of beads. Begin a horizontal netting pattern by stringing all of the beads for the first row of beadwork, plus several more beads.

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