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Right Angle Weave Seed Bead Patterns (6/15/2015)

2015 June 15

I simply love Right Angle Weave (RAW). I really love the challenges of cubic (CRAW) and tubular (TRAW) right angle weave. And now there is Prismatic right angle weave (PRAW) which I have not tackled yet. Try something new with right angle weave this week. You won’t be disappointed.

Right Angle Weave with Embellishments

Right Angle Weave with Embellishments

More Fun With Right-angle Weave: What If…? – Beading Daily Tue, 14 Apr 2015 23:00:00 -0700

You can work right-angle weave with just about any type of bead, so the possibilities for variations are endless. The same goes for embellishing right-angle weave: one of my favorite, easy ways to get creative with right-angle weave is to create a base and then experiment with different embellishment techniques.

BEADING – Simple Right Angle Weave | The Jewellery Class Sun, 11 Aug 2013 18:07:30 -0700

The right angle weave is a simple stitch that forms the basis for most woven pieces of jewellery.  Follow the instructions below to make your own ring.   Experiment with different beads using the same stitch.  You will be amazed at what you can make!

Basic Right Angle Weave

Basic Right Angle Weave

Beading Tutorial: Basic Right Angle Weave – Inspirational … Wed, 19 May 2010 11:11:00 -0700

One of the most versatile and useful bead weaving stitches ever created is right angle weave. Developed by David Chatt, it is a single needle variation of cross-weave. Using a figure eight stitching pattern, groups of beads are gathered together to form shared rows that can be increased and embellished in every direction with ease. The unique shape of a basic right angle weave unit allows for endless possibilities in three-dimensional beadwork.

Baublicious: A Time to Stitch – Right Angle Weave Thu, 25 Oct 2012 00:00:00 -0700

Well, it seems as if pretty much all I’ve done this past month is right angle weave.  I’ve pretty much ate, drunk and slept the stitch as I worked to finish my new book and prepared for Bead Fest Texas.  Mostly, I’ve been stitching samples for kits that I’ll be taking with me to Bead Fest, then posting on my Etsy shop hopefully next week.

Beaded Angel with Simple Right Angle Weave

Beaded Angel with Simple Right Angle Weave

Beaded Angel with Simple Right Angle Weave Stitch … Mon, 29 Dec 2014 22:22:26 -0800

The angel ornaments I often see is always white, khaki or Christmas theme colors (that is red and green); this time, when I decide to make a beaded angel, I eagerly want to change an unusual color. As angel belongs to celestial world, relating to sky and stars, I prefer to make a beaded angel in blue color…

Stitch Pro: 2 Ways to Work Cubic Right-Angle Weave … Thu, 01 Jan 2015 09:18:00 -0800

One thing that I’ve already gleaned from our designers while doing tech-edits for Beadwork magazine is that there are two ways to work cubic right-angle weave. The difference is subtle…Let me show you.

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