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Bead Loom Tutorials (5/1/2015)

2015 May 1

Here I am finding bead loom instructions, tutorials and patterns for you – again – and I still haven’t touched the projects on my looms. Notice I used looms as a plural, as I have several projects still on looms from the Bead and Button Show 3 years ago. I’m not going this year, so maybe I’ll pull them out and finish them.

How to Use a Bead Loom

How to Use a Bead Loom

How to Use a Bead Loom Wed, 22 Apr 2015 09:16:49 -0700

Tribal patterns are one of this decade’s summer must-haves. Each year Navajo, Ganado and Chinle patterns are reinvented with new colours, techniques and uses. Print and beading are recurring approaches to exploring the forms used frequently in fashion, accessories and interior designs. If you’ve ever tried beading with only a needle and thread, you’ll know it’s a pretty long process. Once you decide to introduce pattern into the design, you have a complicated and time-consuming technique that is off-putting to most

Bead Loom Panda Bear Pendant Tue, 27 May 2014 11:16:39 -0700

This Panda Bear pendant is the perfect beginner project, the continuous warp method is used. Toho Treasure size 11/0 beads were used to create this project. If you ever have any questions and need support for any of Clover’s tools, remember that help is available from our experienced staff of designers and demonstrators.

How To Make Your Own Bead Loom

How To Make Your Own Bead Loom

How To Make Your Own Bead Loom Fri, 28 Mar 2014 05:38:50 -0700

I just made myself 4 looms over the weekend and had the foresight to take some pics. It’s a very simple loom…no need to mess with screws,nails, etc…. Supply list: 1? x 4? board, wide Strapping tape I bought a 8 foot board and had the lumber yard cut it in half to fit in my car.

Cuff Swap – Loom Beading Mon, 28 Apr 2014 09:51:34 -0700

I plotted out my flower. For most projects in looming,  you need a graph of what the design is going to be like. Looming is very structured for the most part. Lines of beads fit in between weft threads and you weave back and forth with the warps. It’s easy to get lost or pick up a wrong bead if you don’t have a design laid out. I also had to plan out how the piece was going to work. Because I wanted to stretch my idea, I decided to use different sizes of beads in the pattern.

Trice Looming

Trice Looming

Trice Looming Mon, 20 Dec 2010 08:48:00 -0800

Time, these days, is so precious to all of us! Even I am looking at ways to create the same level of quality looming within a shorter amount of precious time! I want to share a technique I have been perfecting for a while, “Trice Looming”! This method allows you to ‘loom & edge’ at the ‘same time’! Below are the steps in pictures.

Bright Native Loom Bracelets Sun, 05 May 2013 21:42:00 -0700

I made these bracelets almost a year ago and I have no idea why I’ve never posted them!   My first attempt at loom work was a disaster and it was almost an entire year before I attempted it again.  I had purchased a simple bead loom at my local craft store and followed some simple instructions from the manual but I quickly gave up and let it collect dust.  Until one day I came upon a photo of Anabel Campbell’s Navajo Loom bracelets.  They were so gorgeous with their metallic pastel colors that I couldn’t resist trying one more time.

Beading on a Loom with Various Size Beads

Use a Loom to Weave a Beaded Bracelet

Seed Bead Bracelet with Jewel Loom

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