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Free Bead Loom Tutorials (3/4/2015)

2015 March 4

Dang it! I still haven’t gotten back to bead looming. Seems like there is always something else shiny calling me to make. One of these days I’ll find a spot to pull out the bead looming and leave all the beads, etc., out to work on. I admire those of  you who can do bead looming and get something done.

Beading on a DIY Loom

Beading on a DIY Loom

Beading On A DIY Loom Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:26:47 -0700

The loom is really all you need to get started with beading. And I looked at it and realized that it would be very easy to make one’s own functional beading loom with some very inexpensive materials: namely a cardboard box & some string. This is one of those cases where you can get just as nice a result off a cheap DIY loom as off some manufactured metal thing with adjustable knobs and whatnot;..

Pacman Bead Loom Bracelet Mon, 11 Apr 2011 08:00:57 -0700

Free tutorial with pictures on how to bead a loom beaded bracelet in under 120 minutes by beading and jewelry making with seed beads, string, and beading needle. This was a simple pattern to follow. I really don’t have much of a step by step of how to do this but I do have a pattern I made to follow so that anyone can do this really easy.

Cuff Swap – Loom Beading

Cuff Swap – Loom Beading

Cuff Swap – Loom Beading Mon, 28 Apr 2014 09:51:34 -0700

In the mean time, I plotted out my flower. For most projects in looming,  you need a graph of what the design is going to be like. Looming is very structured for the most part. Lines of beads fit in between weft threads and you weave back and forth with the warps. It’s easy to get lost or pick up a wrong bead if you don’t have a design laid out.

Bead Loom Bracelet Wed, 22 Aug 2012 16:18:00 -0700

At the end of last school year, I found a bead loom in my storage closet. I decided to bring it home to give it a try. I did a simple bracelet by creating two woven strands out of metallic silver seed beads on black beading string. It came out looking quite glam!

Loom Stretchy Bracelet

Loom Stretchy Bracelet

Loom Stretchy Bracelet Sat, 20 Dec 2008 22:44:11 -0800

The first bracelet is one I just made, using my wooden loom for the first time. The seed beads that came with are bigger than what I usually use.
The second bracelet I made a few years ago and the first one I ever made, and I have worn the crap out of that bracelet and it’s still holding up. I made that one on my plastic loom, which I think I like better.

Bead Loom Wed, 08 Jun 2011 04:49:00 -0700

I bought myself a small bead loom at the craft store, it was an impluse buy, but can I tell you I’ve had so much fun with it. I choose a cross stitch pattern from one of the many books I have on that subject, that was small enough to translate to this tiny loom. Once I got the hang of counting out the tiny beads and how to attach them to the warp, I was on a serious roll.

Easy Looming Complicated Shapes

A cartoon lesson of bead looming complicated shapes (using round as an example of a shape) without many ends of basic thread

How to Use a Beading Loom

Loom Beading Instructions. Here is a quick beginning looming tutorial on how to work with a loom. Ready to start with the beading and make great projects…

How To Make A Friendship Bracelet With The Beading Loom

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