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Top Websites for Free Bead Patterns Part 1 (2/4/2015)

2015 February 4

Today, I am going to share the places I find free beading patterns. I am sure there are thousands blogs with a few free bead patterns, but these sites really have the mother load of patterns and inspiration. If there are sites you especially like that I don’t list, please let me know and I’ll put them in a future post.

Bead Magazine Sites:

The big magazine publishers have a lot of free patterns, projects and how-tos. Some are from their magazines and some are in addition to their magazines. Check out their sites:

Bead and Button (Kalmbach):
Beadwork (Interweave):

Individuals Web Sites:

Some individuals are extremely prolific when it comes to making bead patterns. I don’t know how they find the time! Some of these sites have been around a long time and have built up a lot of free patterns:

Deborah Roberti:
Beads Magic:
Emma McCreary:
Sandra Halpenny:
Lisa Yang/Chris Franchetti:

Next post, I will have links to some online bead stores that have great free patterns, inspiration and tutorials.

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