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Free Brick Stitch Seed Bead Patterns (2/16/2015)

2015 February 16

Many beaders are not skilled with Brick Stitch. While it used to be one of the stitches you learn first, now we often start with Peyote, Right Angle Weave or Herringbone/Ndebele. Brick stitch is what the American Indians used (and still do) for those great fringed earrings. Learn Brick Stitch with these patterns I’ve found.

Dragon's Eye Bracelet

Dragon's Eye Bracelet

Brick Stitch

Find brick bead stitch patterns and DIY jewelry that uses this bead stitch! Learning new bead stitching patterns such as brick stitch is a cinch with these tutorials.

Brick Stitch Techniques

You’ll be mastering useful new beading skills in no time with’s Techniques! Our easy to follow step-by-step picture tutorials are available for many popular brick stitch techniques, including brick stitch on a component or around a bead. Each technique page will have a list of materials and tools that you will need, plus any additional tips that we found helpful.

Brick Stitch Patterns

Brick Stitch Patterns

Brick Stitch Patterns

This is a great collection of patterns. There are a lot of Brick Stitch patterns, along with Peyote and square stitch patterns. Many of them are simple ones – characters, flowers, butterflies and geometric patterns.

The Brick Stitch

With Brick and Peyote stitch the beads are added one at a time and stacked like bricks, as the stitch implies. These pictures are examples of how it works!

Basic Brick Stitch

Basic Brick Stitch

Beading with Brick Stitch

Brick stitch looks very much like peyote, only turned sideways. The way it is stitched, however, is quite different. Brick Stitch is a handy stitch to know because it is somewhat stiffer than peyote, making it a good choice for earrings and small pins. it also handles irregular shapes somewhat better than peyote. So here’s a basic tutorial in Brick Stitch.

Brick Stitch

Oddly enough, the easiest way to start Brick Stitch is with a row of Ladder Stitch (so with this tutorial you get a “two for one”).

Beading Basics-Brick Stitch

Terri Gable of Studio Baboo demonstrates beading basics. She includes several basic stitches such as peyote, brick and herringbone and shows how to correct simple mistakes.

How to Make Brick Stitch and Fringe Beaded Earrings

In this video, learn how to bead weave classic Native American style earrings in brick stitch with fringe using bugle beads and seed beads.

DIY Easy Beading Stitches – The Brick Stitch

Following the Ladder Stitch tutorial, we move onto the Brick Stitch. Known for it’s versatility in creating various jewelry pieces and embellishments, this stitch is easy to learn.

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