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Free Bead Stringing Patterns (2/25/2015)

2015 February 25

Most of us got our start beading with bead stringing. Eventually, you move on to beadweaving, metal work, wirework, etc. But I still love to string every now and then. If you haven’t learned bead stringing yet, here are some beginner’s tutorials, along with some inspiration to get more experienced beaders to try it again.

Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire

Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire

Stringing Jewelry Using Beading Wire Sun, 12 May 2013

I regard stringing to be the back bone of jewellery making. And stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire will teach a fundamental sense of coordinating colors along with shapes into an attractive design. Stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire is also perfect for practicing how to manipulate small items with your hands, using pressure and angle to obtain different results

Ideas and Inspiration for Combining Bead Stringing… Tue, 13 Jan 2015

Like a lot of bead-weavers I know, I got started making jewelry by learning how to string beads. Once I started learning how to do off-loom bead-weaving, though, I started looking for creative ways to combine my bead stitching with my bead stringing skills. Fifteen years later, I still love finding new ways to combine bead stringing with my favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches.

DIY Tassel Necklace

DIY Tassel Necklace

DIY Tassel Necklace Craft Apr 2014

Inspired by Studio Deseo‘s designs seen in our spring and summer, we came up with this DIY to help you create your very own tassel necklaces. We styled this necklace by leaving it open and layering it with multiple Peppercorn necklaces. You can also gently tie the two sides together (just after the first two pom-poms) for a more traditional necklace look. (Shh, this is for “girls” but I bet you can make it for a “big girl” too.)

Bead Stringing Basics Necklace Tutorial Sun, 18 Jan 2015

Beading 101 – Bead Stringing Basics Necklace Tutorial. This two-strand necklace teaches you the basics of bead stringing. While learning we use inexpensive beads, but you can still get a pretty piece of jewelry.

Stringing Beads on Memory Wire

Stringing Beads on Memory Wire

Memory Wire Tips Plus a Free Project! Apr 2014

The stacked-bracelet trend is still going strong! It’s easy to get that stacked-bracelet look by using Memory Wire and several strands of your favorite beads. For added interest, insert a fun button in the center. If you’ve never heard of Memory Wire before, this is a rigid coil of wire that retains its shape and conforms to your wrist.

What Happens When You Go On a Bead Stringing Binge Aug 2014

Every once in a while, I like to sit down with a spool of stringing wire and a drawer full of beads and just work on bead stringing projects. I love how quickly I can whip up a new batch of bracelets, necklaces and earrings, and there’s something soothing about creating patterns or, on the flip side, allowing myself to just do some creative free-form stringing with no set pattern in mind.

Stringing Beads and Pearls

Stringing beads is the first step to adding a simple bead onto your project. Learn how to string beads and pearls onto a cord by watching Sarah.

Blue Skies Bead Bracelet Tutorial

These blue sky jasper beads are accented perfectly with copper. This stringing project is a little more involved than many but the results are well worth it….

How To Make Bead Stringing Necklace

Bead Stringing Necklace Materials: Strand of assortment beads of your choice Couple of strands of crystal beads (different sizes) Bead stringing wire…


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