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Free Beaded Christmas Ornament Patterns (12/26/2014)

2014 December 26

Whew, Christmas and Hanukkah are over and we can relax. Today, I am beading ALL DAY with a dozen or so of my beading friends. We get together twice a month, but the Friday after Christmas is always an all day beading fest for us. So find some beading friends or go to your local bead store and have some fun for yourself today!

Netted Christmas Ornament Cover

Netted Christmas Ornament Cover

Ideas and Inspirations: Beaded Christmas Ornament Cover


String 1 Seed Bead. Sew through bead again (this creates a stopper bead). Leave 3-4” tail. ROUND 1 ~ String 34 more Seed Beads (for a total of 35), form circle by sewing the same direction through the 1st strung bead. ROUND 2 ~String 7 Seed Beads, 1 – 3mm Bi-Cone, 7 Seed Beads. bead cover, beads, Christmas, christmas crafts, Christmas ornament, Crystals, pattern for beaded ornament cover

Beaded Ornaments


Glass seed beads and or glass bugle beads; Glass or plastic Christmas ornaments (any size); Glue: Mosaic Mercantile (mosaic tile adhesive) or Weldbond glue or any type of glue for glass; Pipe cleaners; Shoe box top; Optional acrylic paint, ribbon. Directions: Let’s talk glue first, Tacky Glue will work It’s easy to make designs with the beads, using the bugle bead to create a swirl and then filled in with seed beads. Run a line of glue in a swirl or “S” shape, and place a

Beaded Spiral Christmas Tree

Beaded Spiral Christmas Tree

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments Tutorial « Folk Haven


These Christmas tree ornaments are quick to make and require just a few materials. It is a project that could be easily done by older children as well. You will need: glass beads (one brand calls them “glass E beads” and

Beading the “Bead World” Way: Festive Christmas Spider Tutorial!


It’s a favorite around here, and we just love making spider ornaments for our Christmas trees.  Required Materials: · 10mm round bead (head). · 16mm round bead (rear end). · Size 6 seed beads (2). · 22 gauge craft wire (24 inches). · 3 inch head pins (1). · Size 11 Delica beads Thread a pattern of three Delicas and one bugle bead onto a short front leg. Use 4 bugle beads

Holiday Carol Nettted Ornament

Holiday Carol Netted Ornament

Kristal Wick’s Picks – 10 Jewelry-Making Projects for Holiday Gift Giving – Daily Blogs – Beading Daily 2010

This beaded spiral rope is simple with loops of beads surrounding a single beaded core. Make these adorable lampworked Christmas trees in any size for earrings, necklaces, tree ornaments, or to decorate holiday packages. Holiday Carol Ornament Netting and loop fringe surround this traditional holiday ornament.

Christmas Ornament Countdown – Sequins and Pins – thecraftysisters 2011

The seed beads were already in my collection. This particular ornament is for me a sort of homage to some ornaments of my stepfather’s. They were popular in the 70′s to make. We have hung them on our Christmas tree for years and I have always loved them. Here is my version.

Beaded Christmas Ornament Howto

All ready for Christmas 2012! :) How to bead a Christmas ornament with seed beads. An easy project!

Basic Beaded Christmas Ornament

In case you don’t want to watch my unnecessarily long/ inefficient video of how to decorate the inside of the ornament, here’s a way to bead around the outside with 11/0 seed beads, 4mm crystals, and bugle beads. FOR THE RECORD: I know there’s no ‘d’…

How to Make a Swarovski Crystal Christmas Ornament – In this video, learn how to make a stunning Swarovski Crystal Christmas ornament. Two different techniques are shown: using bead embroidery to make the loop which goes around the branch and using beading wire, a crimp bead, and…

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