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Free Bead Loom Tutorials (12/19/2014)

2014 December 19

After the holidays are done and things have calmed down, try something new. Bead looming just might be the thing to relax and try in January. You don’t need a fancy, expensive loom – you can even make one yourself. Let me know if you try and how it goes.

Chainlink Loom Bracelet

Chainlink Loom Bracelet

Tutorial: Chainlink Loom Bracelet Sun, 14 Sep 2014 12:41:54 -0700

Materials used: Beading pattern (source: Megan’s Beaded Designs), Delica beads, Antique Brass Flat Oval Chain (source: Auntie’s Beads & Supplies), Nymo beading thread & needle, Tan fabric.

Looming Snow Mon, 20 Jan 2014 08:43:00 -0800

What I love most about Erin’s work is all of the three-dimensional elements she adds to her loomed pieces.  Like the fringed scarf, 3-D pompom and flower on the hats. And the ICICLES!!

DIY Bead Loom

DIY Bead Loom

DIY Bead Loom Eliminates Many Thread Ends! Fri, 08 Feb 2013 05:00:00 -0800

One annoying thing about using bead looms is the long lengths of warp threads which have to be dealt with after the piece is finished.  However, this utterly brilliant tutorial by Kathy Kotinsky  eliminates that problem.  You’ll see that the warp threads just wraps around the removable knitting needles. You’ll need Google Translate as it is in Russian.

Two Needle Method For Beading On The Loom Fri, 29 Jun 2012 16:05:00 -0700

As you probably know, the usual method of bead looming is to tie a length of weft to the edge warp then load your beads, and pass through them from the top. That’s how I started, and the only way I knew. Until someone introduced me to the two needle method.

Bead Loom Tips

Bead Loom Tips

Loom Bead Work Sat, 29 Sep 2012 08:42:00 -0700

Loom patterns consists of different squares. Each square represents a different bead.  A tip is to Color each square with the color beads you want to use. This prevents confusing on figuring out with which colored bead comes next. First I searched the Internet for a design pattern that I liked. The one I am using is a Sioux Tribe design which is a part of my heritage.You can buy a loom at any craft store, or you can even make one!

The Ricks Beading Loom Thu, 24 Apr 2014 07:23:00 -0700

The reason I bought the loom is that I saw a YouTube video about the loom and I liked that you ended up with only two threads to weave in at the end. My old loom left many threads to deal with and that can be a real pain!

DIY Bead Loom Bracelet How-To

Learn how to make this “truly outrageous” and “radical” 80’s bracelet on a bead loom! Easy to do and so quick to make!

Two Tips For Weaving Beads on a Wire Bead Loom

Sometimes wire bead looms lose their tension setting – this is showing two tips for keeping the warp tight when weaving beads on this style loom.

How to Finish and Back Bead Loom Weaving

In this video, learn a couple of different ways to finish off your bead loom weaving: sewing it onto a backing material…

Making a Bead Loom Bracelet

Here is a short tutorial on how to make a bead loom bracelet on a home made bead loom.

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