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Beginning Bead Stringing Tips and Resources (12/15/2014)

2014 December 15

Today I’ve got a lot of resources for beginning bead stringing, along with some inspiration. If you are looking to get started bead stringing, or have already started but you are struggling with some of the basics, you should find help at one of these links.

Fun Fall Bead Stringing Projects

Fun Fall Bead Stringing Projects

Fun Ideas For Fun Fall Bead Stringing Projects Tue, 21 Oct 2014 23:00:00 -0700

I decided to go through my (extensive) stash of beads and findings and use up some of these beads that I’ve been hoarding for what feels like a really long time. I also gave one old necklace a remake, and I even allowed myself a little splurge and bought a new strand of gemstones to celebrate autumn’s return. Take a look at what I strung up on a rainy, chilly autumn afternoon last weekend.

How to Crimp Beading Wire Mar 2014

One of the most fundamental jewelry making skills one needs to learn is how to crimp beading wire.  This skill is used virtually anytime you want to make a beaded bracelet or a beaded necklace.  If you are new to jewelry making and need to learn how, I have good news:  It’s easy.  Once you have mastered this skill, a whole variety of different design possibilities will open up for you.  If you have an hour of time to practice and the will to learn, we will  have you doing basic beading in no time at all.

5 Basic Jewelry Making Tools

5 Basic Jewelry Making Tools

5 Basic Jewelry Making Tools You Need to Get Started Nov 12

I got an email the other day in which a reader asked me what tools I thought she needed to have on hand before she started jewelry making. She wanted a list of items she needed that would be used for most of her basic jewelry making needs. I replied, and then I thought, “That’s a great topic for a blog post”. If it’s helpful to her then maybe YOU will find it helpful too!

4 Different Looks with Knotted Cords and Ribbons Apr 2014

When I don’t have an idea for a specific jewelry design, I like to pick a technique and repeat it with several different beads and materials.  After making a few samples, I’ll often get the spark of an idea for a necklace, bracelet, or pair of earrings.   Today I’m sharing my recent experiments with making overhand knots between beads using four different cords or ribbons. 

Budget-Friendly Bead Types

Budget-Friendly Bead Types

5 Budget-Friendly Bead Types May 2014

A good friend of mine recently asked me for help making six necklaces that she could give as gifts to some women who had recently helped her.  She’s a single mom, so money is always tight.  I promised her I’d do some searching and see what I could find in her budget.  Obviously, the first step might be to find beads on sale.  But what if you can’t wait for a sale? Luckily, some types of beads are typically less expensive than others, sale or no sale.  Here’s what I recommended she look for:

10 Common Beading Problems Feb 2014

This is a collection of some of the most common questions our designers get.  Maybe we can help you avoid trouble before you run into it.

Beginner Bead Stringing Resources

Beginner Bead Stringing Resources

Beginner Bead Stringing Resources and Free Projects Wed, 20 Apr 2011 17:56:15 -0700

I am finding that there are many forms of beadwork.  When I look at my pile of supplies, I kinda go blank and am not sure where to start.  I am using my bottle cap pendants and scrabble tiles as focal points, which helps me decide on a color scheme, but from there, the techniques and design options are endless.  I have been scouring the web for tips and tutorials.  Here are some things that have grabbed my attention…

Memory Wire Tips Plus a Free Project Apr 2014

The stacked-bracelet trend is still going strong! It’s easy to get that stacked-bracelet look by using Memory Wire and several strands of your favorite beads. For added interest, insert a fun button in the center. If you’ve never heard of Memory Wire before, this is a rigid coil of wire that retains its shape and conforms to your wrist. Memory Wire comes in necklace, bracelet, and ring size and is available at most craft stores and bead shops.

Beading Thread Overview: Wildfire, Fireline, KO, and Nymo

In this video, learn about the various beading threads available for your bead weaving, bead embroidery, and loom work projects…

Beading 101 – Bead Stringing Basics Necklace Tutorial

This two-strand necklace teaches you the basics of bead stringing. While learning we use inexpensive beads, but you can still get a pretty piece of jewelry…

Running Out Of Beads In Your Stringing Project

Whether you’re stringing a bracelet or necklace, you’re bound to run into an issue where you don’t have enough beads to finish the piece. Don’t panic!

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