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Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (10/29/2014)

2014 October 29

Today I focused on tubular Herringbone ropes, also know as Ndebele. When flat, it is Herringbone. Tubular Herringbone is a great way to make a chain to show off a focal bead or pendant, whether an art bead, beadwoven or bead embroidery. Just use some of your leftover beads and work them in for a matching look.

Herringbone Chain with Twin Beads

Herringbone Chain with Twin Beads

Tubular Herringbone with Twins Tue, 16 Sep 2014 14:23:00 -0700

How to make a herringbone chain with Twin beads. I learned how to start this through a pin with only photos to represent how to make the chain…You will need about 2 grams of twin beads per inch. I estimated this based on the 6 inches I got out of a 12 gram culled package. Size 11/0 beads will also work, but more thread will most likely show. Made with superduos, more thread also shows.

Learn the Ropes With These Free Beaded Rope Projects Oct 24

For most of us, our introduction to beaded ropes came by way of making tubular versions of our favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches, or by creating a classic spiral rope. There’s something incredible about watching a few rounds of bead stitching turn into a fabulous beaded rope.

Tubular Spiral Herringbone Bangle

Tubular Spiral Herringbone Bangle

Tubular Spiral Herringbone Bangle Mon, 08 Sep 2014 00:00:00 -0700

Autumn seems to be coming early where I live and that feeling inspired my choice of bronze and forest green beads in this spiral tubular herringbone bangle. There is a rich, warm feeling to the color combination, perfect for a fall day.

Options for Finishing Your Beaded Ropes Jul 21

Ever since I made my first spiral rope, I’ve loved to make beaded ropes out of seed beads and my favorite off-loom bead-weaving stitches, and with the new TierraCast Maker’s Collection of cord and rope ends with coordinating clasps, I was inspired to start stitching some new beaded ropes. 

Twisty Easy Tubular Herringbone

Twisty Easy Tubular Herringbone

Twisty Easy Tubular Herringbone Sun, 02 May 2010 15:33:00 -0700

I came up with this design at a playday at my dear friend Ann’s house, where I need to work on quick, easy projects or I don’t get anything done in the creative melee that occurs there monthly. NOT complaining; it’s just that some projects are better left to quite time in the studio. We were nearing the end of the day and I was sorting through some beads and came across some 12mm bugles I had in my stash.

Tubular Herringbone with Bugles Fri, 22 Apr 2011 00:01:00 -0700

This could also be made as a bangle without the large beads but if you are making it with a clasp the stopper I use is a rubber earring back…great for holding things onto headpins until you’re ready to finish. The working tube is just a cord or a dowel or a piece of tubing that is removed once you’ve finished beading. In this case it stops the headpin falling into the tube of herringbone :)

How to Make a Twisted Tubular Herringbone Bicone Bracelet

A tutorial on how to make this tubular bicone bracelet. I initially called it a barber pole bracelet because the first one I made looked like one.

Tubular Herringbone & Twisted Tubular Herringbone Tutorial, Left-Handed

Left-handed tutorial for Tubular herringbone bracelet and the Twisted tubular herringbone stitch. In this video I made a bracelet combining both stitches…

Fancy Bone Necklace Tutorial

Join me on Face Book! Description: Tubular Herringbone Materials: 26- 4mm round crystals …

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