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Free Seed Bead Earring Patterns (9/29/2014)

2014 September 29

A friend of mine found out she has breast cancer about a month ago. I sent her a bezeled breast cancer coin necklace  (she requested  hot pink!!), a white and pink SuperDuo bracelet with the pink SuperDuos laid out as ribbons and a pair of outrageous earrings (hot pink bezeled rivolis with silver beads and hot pink crystals). She shaved her head before her hair fell out, so another friend suggested she get some big earrings. I am committed to making her a new pair of earrings each week so she has something fun to look forward to. Is there someone in your life that could use  a surprise – something to cheer them up – to distract them from their problems? Earrings are a quick way to do that – and show you care and you are thinking about them.

Chan Luu Knockoff Earrings

Chan Luu Knockoff Earrings

Chan Luu Knockoff Earrings Fri, 14 Sep 2012 13:30:41 -0700

This is the original version, 14-karat gold-vermeil and semi-precious stone earrings by Chan Luu. Aren’t these earrings gorgeous?! The deep purple stones look perfect for fall. And even though they may look quite complicated to make, they are not – OK, the tutorial is quite lengthy, but each process is very easy. So… are you ready?

Beaded Earrings Tea Party Fri, 01 Aug 2014 11:50:06 -0700

free-beading-tutorial-earrings-twin-pattern-1. U need: seed beads 11/0. seed beads 8/0. Delica seed beads. tween or super duo seed beads. faceted beads 8 mm. free-beading-tutorial-earrings-twin-pattern-2. Click here to …

Beaded Rivoli Earring Tutorial

Beaded Rivoli Earring Tutorial

Beaded Rivoli Earring Tutorial Tue, 17 Dec 2013 10:00:42 -0800

Learn to make these beautiful intricate beaded earrings with with Swarovski crystal rivolis, bicones, and seed beads. This free beaded earring pattern is one that will surely be beautiful in any combination of colors that you can dream up, but I am personally in love with this bronze and blue mixture!

Flower Stud Earrings Wed, 25 Sep 2013 07:43:00 -0700

At the end pass through the first 11/o bead added in this round. flower stud earrings free pattern. 4. Pick up 5 x 15/o seed beads, skip one 11/o bead and pass through the next 11/o bead as shown in the picture (one of the …

Seed Bead Weave Earring Tutorial

Seed Bead Weave Earring Tutorial

Seed Bead Weave Earring Tutorial Sun, 08 Sep 2013 09:30:33 -0700

I like these  Seed Bead Weave Earrings.  They remind me of Indian jewelry that is popular at Indian Powwow Festivals, and in little stores in the mountains of North Carolina.   This tutorial uses bead weaving and stitching to create a beautiful pair of earrings using seed beads. Check it out!

Seed Bead and Chain Earrings … Fri, 18 Jul 2014 15:23:48 -0700

Sometimes we beaders want a piece that doesn’t take too long to put together but that still has some great visual impact. The real icing on the cake is when that same project turns out to be budget-friendly, too! The list of materials is so basic (eyepins, a foot or two of chain, a couple of earwires, and some seed beads) but the possibilities are so endless! This first set of earrings is what I tend to think of as typical of  the design style, although I really like the color combinations:

Bollywood Earrings Tutorial

Materials needed: 15/0 Miyuki Metallic Olivine round seed beads; 12mm Swarovski Olivine rivolis; 3mm Swarovski Padparadscha bicones; Size B Fireline beading …

Lacey Earrings-Intermediate Tutorial

JRPDesigns has created new earrings using Swarovski bicones and pearls. This tutorial uses RAW in a different way.

Triangle Dangle Earrings Tutorial

Materials: 24- two hole 6mm Triangle Beads 12- 4mm round beads 8- 6mm roun…

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