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Enjoy 4th of July (7/4/2014)

2014 July 4

Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

Happy 4th of July!! I’m sure you’re having a family picnic, going to see fireworks, enjoying some down time. But I’m going to assign you some homework. Don’t worry, it’s not hard.

When is the last time you read the Declaration of Independence? Probably not since you were in school. And I’m talking elementary school or high school. Here’s a great site to not only read the Declaration of Independence, but learn more about the writers and the signers you may never had known:

So sit down with your kids or your whole family and read the Declaration of Independence. Take turns reading parts of it out loud. Discuss what it took for the brave founders to write and sign it, putting their lives in danger.

Then, you may sit down and bead the rest of the long weekend. Just don’t forget all the great things you can do because our founders gave us this great country and so many have died to protect our freedoms.

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by Julie Hunkar
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