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Free Twins and SuperDuos Bead Patterns (6/25/2014)

2014 June 25

I don’t know about you, but I really LOVE all the two-hole beads. I was skeptical at first, but after a few months of playing with Tilas, the tidal wave of two-hole beads was welcome. There seems to be no end to what you can do with them and how they work together. If you haven’t given in to the craze, or you bought Superduo and Twins with no thought of what to do with them, here’s some really fun patterns to try.

SuperDuo Rosette Variation

SuperDuo Rosette Variation

SuperDuo Rosette Variation Mon, 19 May 2014 17:17:00 GMT

Yesterday I finally made two of these bracelets for myself. I’ve made the pattern many times but always gave the bracelets away as gifts. After trying a few different color combinations, I came up with two scrumptious bracelets. The colors are actually almost the same in both of them but reversed. To keep them from looking identical, I used different seed beads and clasps on them.

A Couple of Bracelet & Earring Sets Sat, 31 May 2014 00:16:00 GMT

I recently made two SuperDuo Rosette bracelets using some of those pretty “suede” SuperDuos. Today I’m wearing the darker one and didn’t have any earrings that would go well with it. So, I whipped up a pair of my SuperDuo Flower Chain Earrings using the same color beads. While I was at it, I also made the same earring pattern in the color I used for the other bracelet.

Bezel a Rivoli with Superduos

Bezel a Rivoli with Superduos

An Easy Way to Bezel a Rivoli with Superduos Sun, 20 Apr 2014 07:28:00 GMT

I am back to beading. After two month hiatus, I showed up at the door of the local bead store and was thrilled to find out the store now carries Superduos. After a few hours mixing, matching bead colors and figuring an easy way to bezel a rivoli, I decided to use circular netting.

Super Duos and wire…say what? Tue, 02 Oct 2012 18:10:00 GMT

I’ve had so much fun playing with different colors, so I’m posting some combinations I came up with.¬† The design above and just below were made using Twins.¬†They are very similar to the Super Duos. The shape of the Twins aren’t as elongated and in my opinion, aren’t as consistent. Still, the earrings look great.

Little Superduo Squared Motif Tutorial

Little Superduo Squared Motif Tutorial

Little Superduo Squared Motif Tutorial Sun, 01 Jun 2014 16:38:00 GMT

I hope you will enjoy this little tatting motif. This time I’ve tried to write a tutorial instead of a visual pattern, let me know if this works for you. The 2 strands of dmc metallic thread I’ve used is very similar to a size 40 thread. Superduo beads are about 1/4″ high, normal beads are Gutermann rocailles 9/o.

Free pattern for necklace Elettra Sun, 16 Mar 2014 11:10:55 GMT

Free pattern for beadednecklace Elettra by Lyubov Buntova. U need: seed beads 11/0, pearl beads 6 mm, twin or super duo seed beads, drop beads. This pattern is for 2 needles.

Beaded Bracelet with Pearls, Crystals and Superduos Tutorial

The materials I used in the tutorial and more information: Email: theheartbe…

Dazzling Crystal and Superduo Beaded Earrings Tutorial

Like me on Facebook: Materials needed for one pair of earrings: Cut 2 pieces of 6lb. fireline – 2ft. long eac…

How to Make SuperDuo Beaded Beads

This video tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you how to make beaded beads using two hole Czech super duo beads. These are fun beaded beads that ca…

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