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Free Seed Bead Bracelet Patterns (6/18/2014)

2014 June 18

There is nothing as satisfying as whipping up a seed bead bracelet – more substantial than earrings, but not as long as making a necklace. Sometimes we make necklaces and earrings and never get to the bracelet. While I don’t always make everything with the same pattern, I do like to use the same materials so the colors match. Pull out some leftover beads today and make a bracelet – you know you have plenty of leftover beads!

Tila Curve II Bracelets

Tila Curve II Bracelets

Tila Curve II Bracelets Sat, 07 Jun 2014 00:22:00 GMT

A sequel for those who loved the original Tila Curve Bracelet pattern! This pattern is fully illustrated with detailed step-by-step instructions for two Tila bead bracelets: one using seed beads, 3mm beads, Tila beads and Half Tila beads (top) and a second using just seed beads, Tila beads and Half Tila beads (bottom).

Need A Way To Use Up Some Leftover Beads? Fri, 25 Apr 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Beth Kraft’s Collage Bracelet is the perfect solution for what to do with all those leftover bits and pieces that find their way into the bottom of your bead stash. Surprise yourself — why not mix up a bunch of beads that you wouldn’t usually combine, and see what happens? Art should be about play!

Stackers Variation - Capri Blue

Stackers Variation - Capri Blue

Stackers Variation Bracelet Mon, 09 Jun 2014 11:11:00 GMT

This is the bracelet that I ended up making for my friend’s birthday. I seem to recall that I had just decided that I didn’t want to make this bracelet for her either when the idea to add some netting just popped into my head. I’m happy to say that it worked great and it almost looks like a totally different pattern. After completing the bracelet as instructed by the pattern, I went along both sides adding 5 seed beads over each CzechMate tile.

DIY Seed Bead Bracelet Tutorial Wed, 02 Nov 2011 05:22:00 GMT

I sat on these pretty matte and pearl beads for awhile before I figured out what to do with them.  And actually it was Taylor that helped get me a bit motivated, asking to make bracelets with me this past weekend.  So I got out my beads and we set to work.  These are rather very simple little bracelets, but there’s something about how understated they are that I really enjoy.

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet

Pearl Bracelet Fri, 06 Jun 2014 06:09:04 GMT

With the wedding season nearly upon us I thought that this bracelet would be perfect for such occasions: It took a bit of experimentation to get the correct sized beads. These pearls are quite large but using smaller ones this pattern would make a gorgeous pair of earrings, or even a bracelet for a flower girl.

Duo Bobble Band Bracelet Thu, 12 Jun 2014 11:57:00 GMT

I used my favorite “Duo Bobble Band” pattern for her bracelet and the earrings were something that I came up with based on some photos that I saw on Pinterest. The problem with Pinterest is that sometimes it’s impossible to track down where something originated because it’s been re-pinned so many times. I have no idea where these came from or if there’s a pattern available but it was simple enough to turn the bracelet motif into earrings.

Instructions for Making the Beadaholique Peyote Bracelet Kits with Size 11/0 Beads

In this video, you will learn how to make a bead woven bracelet using flat even count peyote stitch.

Make a Triple Starburst Bracelet

This new bracelet tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company teaches you how to make our “Triple Starburst” bracelet design…

Ocean Waves Beaded Bracelet Beading Tutorial

This is an advanced beading tutorial showing you how to make this lovely bracelet using bicones, superduos, triangle beads, round beads and seed beads…

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