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Free Magatama Seed Bead Weaving Patterns (3/24/2014)

2014 March 24

Cute And Easy Brick Stitch Bangle

Cute And Easy Brick Stitch Bangle

Cute And Easy Brick Stitch Bangle Wed, 12 Mar 2014 06:00:00 GMT

Beaded bangle bracelets are a cinch to size when you use a brick stitch base! Using basic brick stitch with large beads (size 8 or size 6) let you make a substantial-feeling bangle bracelet that will fit you like a glove. Want to try this fast, easy, and super-cute brick stitch bangle bracelet beading project? Have fun!

Tiny Flowers With Long Magatama Tue, 12 Jul 2011 13:24:00 GMT

I’ve been having lots of fun playing around with these Miyuki Long Magatama 4/7 m/m beads! While I was designing my pinecone I kept looking at the first couple rows and thinking what a darling little flower this would make. So I’ve whipped up a few just for fun. Take a look. Most of the flowers are created by just working the first two rows of the pinecone pattern and then sewing a bead in the center.

Combining Tilas and Magatamas

Combining Tilas and Magatamas

Combining Tilas and Magatamas Mon, 27 Feb 2012 13:28:02 GMT

First, Tilas: the flat, square, two-hole glass beads. The dual holes create alternative design possibilities, and the beads’ broad shapes give designs a distinctive look. For this necklace, I use them in a classic beaded lace pattern. The “filler” beads are Magatamas, which are rounded little glass beads that are much fatter on one side than on the other. They’re similar to small drop, or “fringe” beads, but not quite as teardrop shaped.

Long Magatama Beaded Pinecone Thu, 07 Apr 2011 19:07:00 GMT

Well, I just had to play some more with these Long Magatama beads! While I was experimenting with the Dragon Bangle instructions a few weeks ago (see previous posts) I thought to myself that these beads would make the most darling little pinecone. So I abandoned the bangle and decided to play around with it to see what I could come up with. It didn’t take long before I had the most darling little pinecone in my hand. (I think someone on one of the beading forums thought the beads would work for a pinecone too, but I can’t remember who it was.)

Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet

Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet

Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet Sat, 01 Dec 2012 00:36:46 GMT

This Festive Wreath Kumihimo Bracelet is pretty quick to make for a bead woven project (about 2-3 hours) and easy if you have done some Kumihimo before.  If you haven’t, please watch this video and this other video to get the hang of what kumihimo is.  We also suggest you try a simple braid with rattail and a beaded braid with seeds before progressing to the long magatamas.

Free pattern for necklace Elettra Sun, 16 Mar 2014 11:10:55 GMT

Free pattern for beaded necklace Elettra by Lyubov Buntova. U need seed beads 11/0, pearl beads 6 mm, twin or super duo seed beads and drop beads. This pattern is for 2 needles.

[asa books]0871164795[/asa]

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