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Free Spiral Rope Seed Bead Patterns (12/20/2013)

2013 December 20

Simple Spiral Rope Stitch Tutorial

Simple Spiral Rope Stitch Tutorial

Simple Spiral Rope Stitch Tutorial Fri, 11 Oct 2013 18:41:07 GMT

I have decided to write a tutorial on my favourite beadweaving stitch – spiral rope stitch. I love it because it is super simple and very rewarding. Who doesn’t like spirals? Anybody can do this, even those new to beadweaving or jewellery making all together. Now I don’t know about you, but I often have to read tutorials over and over again to understand exactly what I have to do.

Tip: Place Your Bead Piles in Logical Order Fri, 13 Jan 2012 00:12:58 GMT

When bead piles are in random places all over the mat, little mistakes happen. Sometimes I’ll forget to add the core bead. If the pattern in asymmetrical, I’ll have to recheck my work to see what the order is, and then reverse it. The way that spiral rope is worked means the beads you put on last become first when you take a stitch. I’m using 15/0s, and therefore a smaller needle. So, it’s an extra pain to take off the needle, undo a mistake, re-thread, and start back up again.

Square Rope Bracelet

Square Rope Bracelet

Bead Weaving: Patterns Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:44:24 GMT

There is a new category in my shop labeled Patterns. Earlier this year I was requested to do patterns by one of my lovely customers. I did so. There are two patterns up now the square rope bracelet  and thespiral rope bracelet. I have come to learn that I enjoy making patterns and I do plan on continuing to do so. I will also be putting up free patterns here for basic stitches and tips and tricks I have learned every now and then. Those will be titled tutorials.

Spiral Rope Bead Maille Tue, 20 Sep 2011 02:05:09 GMT

The first bead maille I saw was quite some time ago in a Bead and Button. A designer had created a necklace in byzantine pattern with seed beads. I have always wanted to try it. Sometime later I found some fabulous Miyuki beads at a local shop and have had this idea, to create a bead maille spiral rope, for quite some time. I just needed to sit down and figure it out. This past weekend I set out to do just that.

Beaded Rope Your Wreath Pendant

Beaded Rope for Wreath Pendant

A Beaded Rope for Your Wreath Pendant Sat, 26 Nov 2011 18:15:24 GMT

The beaded spiral rope tutorial is here! I call it Bejeweled, because the faceted fire polished beads are like jewels embedded in layers of seed bead spirals. Spiral rope stitch is relatively easy, as long as you use the correct size of beading needle and thread. (Otherwise, your needle gets stuck easily, which can be quite frustrating.)

Anatomy of a Spiral Wed, 25 Jul 2012 17:37:00 GMT

One stitch that gives a lot of bang for the buck is spiral rope.  Once you learn the basics, you can play with the beads used for a number of different looks. Spiral rope at its essence consists of two parts – the core and the spiral.  The core is the part of the rope that holds everything together (hence it being the “core”), and the spiral is the fun part that dances around the core.  I tend to use neutral or muted colors for the core, and the spiral can be just about anything (within size reason, of course).

How to Add a Clasp to a Bead Woven Spiral Rope

Spiral rope stitch is a versatile bead weaving technique but it can be challenging to figure out how to add a clasp to the end. This video demonstrates a simple way of adding a clasp and then also shows you an example of a second method. Both methods are easy to do and will have you turning your spiral ropes into necklaces in no time.

How to Spiral Rope Stitch

This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you quickly how to do ‘Spiral Rope’ stitch, which is one of the easier seed bead or beadweaving stitches that are great for beginners. Learn to use seed beads, czech glass, and other small beads of choice to make beautiful jewelry!

How to Do Spiral Rope Stitch for Beading & Make a Bracelet

Beadaholique’s Andrea demonstrates quickly and easily how to do Spiral Rope or “Dutch Spiral” stitch. Then she shows us how to make a bangle bracelet using this off-loom bead weaving technique.

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