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Free Beaded Christmas Ornament Patterns (11/11/2013)

2013 November 11

Change a Necklace Pattern into an Ornament Cover

Change a Necklace Pattern into an Ornament Cover

Sandra D Halpenny – Free Bead Patterns and Ideas : How to change … Sat, 19 Oct 2013 13:46:00 GMT

These basic directions can be used for just about any necklace pattern. Once the middle part is complete, made from the necklace pattern, the rest is up to you what you want to add.  The beads used to attach the top ring to the middle section can be any variety of beads you would like to use. You can also decide to add fringe or leave the bottom edge plain. You could add drops of large crystals too. Use your imagination to create your ornament.

Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas Tree Jewelry Part 3 | Brandywine … Sat, 02 Nov 2013 11:30:55 GMT

Today is the last part on jewelry designs featuring the Holiday favorite Christmas Tree.   Today we have a little bit of something for everyone- a wire wrapped tree, beaded designs, and a super quick and easy design made with beaded safety pins for those who want the beaded look only easier! First, create this wire wrapped tree from Witty Living.  This tree has a wonderful stylized and modern look to it.

SoftFlex Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover

SoftFlex Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover

SoftFlexGirl: DIY Christmas – Free Beaded Holiday Ornament Cover Fri, 08 Nov 2013 16:00:00 GMT

This beaded ornament cover is a fairly easy way to spice up your ornament and it would be a great gift for someone special. I like a project that looks complex but can easily be created in one sitting. Some beaded ornament covers are so complex – they must take days to accomplish. So if you are like me and like some instant gratification, this project is for you!

FREE Christmas ornaments beading pattern and tutorial Fri, 14 Oct 2011 07:07:30 GMT

Usually it’s at this time of the year that we go through our stuffs in our stockroom looking for our old Christmas ornaments, but this year, we’re going to make a change. We’re not going to buy nor use our old Christmas ornaments. Instead, we’re going to make our own Christmas ornaments! I just taught my sister beadweaving and she’s liking it!You can do it with your sister too or mother or even a friend. Here are some beadweaving patterns for a cane, star, snowflakes, beaded bead and a Christmas tree Christmas ornaments.

Snowflake Ornament

Snowflake Ornament

Around The Beading Table: Snowflake Ornament Wed, 06 Nov 2013 06:49:00 GMT

Designer Michelle Skobel has made a beautiful ornament cover from my Snowflake Earrings pattern. For a free PDF of the design, click HERE or on the picture below. Michelle has many more beaded ornament and jewelry patterns, both for free and for sale, on her website. For my free Snowflake Earrings pattern, just click on the picture below.

Snowflake #34 Ornament pattern – Sandra D Halpenny – Free Bead … Tue, 24 Sep 2013 13:44:00 GMTOne of my favorite things to bead are Snowflakes. When ever I am stressed, and need something relaxing to do, I make snowflakes. They work up fast and sparkle when held up to the light. If you use Swarovski crystals and put your snowflake in the windows you will get rainbows on your walls. I try to make each one different just like real snowflakes. No 2 snowflakes are alike.

Basic Beaded Christmas Ornament

In case you don’t want to watch my unnecessarily long/ inefficient video of how to decorate the inside of the ornament, here’s a way to bead around the outside…

Beading Projects : How to Make Beaded Christmas Ornaments

To make a beaded Christmas ornament, form an angel embellished in crystals and use a wire wrapping technique to make her halo over her head. Create beaded…

BEADED STAR ORNAMENT, Christmas ornament, snowflake

Make this easy star or snowflake with a few beads and some wire. You co…

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