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Free Seed Bead Patterns (10/18/2013)

2013 October 18

Simple Sparkle Necklace Pattern

Simple Sparkle Necklace Pattern

Sandra D Halpenny – Free Bead Patterns and Ideas

http://sandrahalpennybeading.blogspot.comThu, 10 Oct 2013 12:54:00 GMT

The Simple Sparkle Necklace pattern is another easy necklace to make. It uses larger crystals, so it really does sparkle. I really like these easy necklaces, you can take a handful of beads and make a beautiful necklace.

Beading for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

http://www.beadingdaily.comThu, 10 Oct 2013 14:51:00 GMT

These Sparkling Medallions earrings by Amy Haftkowycz are classy and classic. The decorative ear wires and sparkly crystals and pearls lend a vintage vibe, and although they look complicated, they are stitched with simple netting and fringe.

Fringe Heart Seed Bead Necklace

Fringe Heart Seed Bead Necklace

Fringe Heart Seed Bead Necklace – Happy Hour Projects

http://happyhourprojects.comMon, 29 Jul 2013 10:00:00 GMT

I have a fun necklace to share with you today that uses the same idea as a bead loom – you can use seed beads to make a beaded design.  These bead strands hang loose in a fringe pattern.  If you enjoy making charms you will find this to be a fun and easy project.  Even if you aren’t experienced, I’ll walk you through basic charm-making and you should have the hang of it pretty quickly!

How to Bead Like Nobody’s Watching

http://www.beadingdaily.comMon, 14 Oct 2013 07:00:00 GMT

I think it can be easy to feel intimidated when you’re learning how to bead, and especially when you start designing your own seed bead patterns. Nobody wants to be accused of “stealing” somebody’s original jewelry design, myself included.Because, yes, I have seen it happen where two beaders have come up with nearly identical designs from opposite corners of the country or even the planet. I have also seen relationships ruined because of misunderstandings between designers, and that just makes me sad.

Woven Seed Bead Ring Tutorial

Woven Seed Bead Ring Tutorial

Woven Seed Bead Ring Tutorial 19

I made these rings with my 10yo’s 4-H group, it’s a great activity for kids ages 7+.  The tweens and teens REALLY got into it!  See my post here all about the project.  You’ll notice in the picture that the rings all vary a bit with their bead colors and design motifs… the kids very quickly figured out that they could change the bead colors and numbers to create their own styles.  Watching this process develop was one of my favorite parts of the workshop!

Free Seed Bead Patterns – Lampwork Etc.

http://www.lampworketc.comThu, 15 Jan 2009 21:27:42 GMT

I thought I’d share some of my old seed bead patterns. I used to offer them on my site for free when I was doing seed beads, but when I closed down my old site, I never added them to the new one. The dolphin tail spiral pattern is an amulet bag pattern, it gets folded in half so the plain blue side is the back. The long skinny patterns are strap patterns, you just keep repeating them over and over to get the length strap you want.

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Attaching Snaps to Seed Bead Bracelets : DIY Crafts

Attaching snaps to seed bead bracelets only requires a few basic tools and a little bit of know-how. Attach snaps to seed bead bracelets with help from an experienced crafts professional in this free video clip.

Peyote Stitch Bead Pattern: Bookmark made with Seed Beads (odd count peyote stitch) | Bead Pattern

In this video I show you a simple bookmark I made. It’s an odd count peyote stitch pattern, and I used seed beads size11/0 by Miyuki and by Toho. I buy the bookmark I decorated with beads on this web site: You can also find the bead pattern on my website BeadsFriends.

Beading Projects : How to Embellish With Beads

To embellish with beads, add beaded fringe, use a wire wrapping technique, stitch various designs with beads and add focal beads to an accessory. Embellish a…

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