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Free Peanut (Farfelle) Seed Bead Patterns (9/18/2013)

2013 September 18


RAW with Peanut Beads

RAW with Peanut Beads

Bead Street Online: RAW with Peanut Beads

http://beadstreetonline.blogspot.comFri, 02 Dec 2011 09:10:00 GMT

Sandy Taylor taught a great new class in Right Angle Weave using the new Peanut Beads.  This is a pattern designed by a friend of Sandy’s, Adele Kimpell, that we purchased for the students.  It was a challenging class for those who bead ‘loose’.  Of course, it was a great project for those ‘tight’ beaders.  Below are two that Joy made.  We’d like more patterns for these beads…

The Peaceful Bead · Hot and steamy soup

http://thepeacefulbead.comSat, 30 Mar 2013 05:10:47 GMT

Heather gifted me with a wonderful assortment of beads including one of her beautiful pendants, a few of her polymer swirly rondelles, Czech glass,  freshwater pearls, some cool peanut seed beads, a few metal butterfly charms and a really snazzy flower clasp.  I have to say that I really liked everything straight away and that this is soooooo my kind of palette.


Necklace Chain using Peanut Beads

Necklace Chain using Peanut Beads

Modern Nature Studio: My Creative World: Inspired By Snowflakes

http://modernnaturestudio.blogspot.comFri, 01 Mar 2013 19:05:00 GMT

While the spring season is just around the corner, winter still lingers here in northern Virginia. I for one have decided to embrace the beauty of winter a little bit longer! One of my favorite aspects of the winter season is snow or more specifically, snowflakes. Amazing ice crystals that take on beautiful shapes, no two alike.

Using my Beads: Beading Babes~Project 8

http://lori-finney.blogspot.comSun, 14 Apr 2013 12:11:00 GMT

The metallized beads I used for the bracelet base (see below) were fine to work with, and produced a bracelet that has substance and heft and a great feel on the wrist. The matte finish mauve beads were a whole other story. They did not play well with one another; the finish seemed to prevent the beads from sitting properly without being forced into place with each stitch.


Using Peanut Beads in a Design

Using Peanut Beads in a Design

nj designs: Using Peanut Beads in a Design

http://njdesigns1.blogspot.comWed, 14 Dec 2011 14:30:00 GMT

I was at White Fox Bead Studio the other day and the owner was working on a bracelet she was making out of the new peanut beads.  I was struck by how the beads laid.  So I bought some and started experimenting!

Right Angle Weave Earrings With Daggers

Here is a right angle weave video tutorial, for a pair of earrings. I have used peanut-style seed beads, as well as dagger beads. After you’re done watching,…

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Farfalle Bead

I miei orecchini all’embroidery | Cabochon con farfalle!

___^ Annarella Gioielli ^___^ Prima di influenzarmi ho dato vita a questi esperimenti. Dei cabochon decorati a mano e poi lavorati a peyote all’embroidery. …

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