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Free Herringbone Bead Patterns (9/16/2013)

2013 September 16

Captured Crystal Cubes Earrings

Captured Crystal Cubes Earrings

Captured Crystal Cubes Earrings – Beading Instructions – Blogs

http://www.beadingdaily.comFri, 02 Mar 2012 07:00:00 GMT

I used a modified herringbone stitch to make these simple bezels so that they’d show off the stones. The bezels themselves work up quickly and can easily be modified to fit triangle-shaped crystal stones as well!

When is Herringbone Stitch Not Really Herringbone Beading Daily

http://www.beadingdaily.comThu, 05 Sep 2013 07:00:00 GMT

Because I love the look of herringbone stitch, the way the pairs of beads in each row lie at a comfortable angle up against the next pair, I wanted to experiment some more with these beads. Their unique shape and placement of bead holes means that you can create a piece of flat beadwork that looks just like flat herringbone stitch, but with a completely different thread path!

Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff Tutorial

Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff Tutorial

Inspirational Beading: Embellished Ombre Herringbone Cuff Tutorial

http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.comTue, 03 Sep 2013 01:15:00 GMT

This project combines the visual appeal of an ombre palette with the added texture and delight of disc bead accents. We’ll also explore an easy way to attach clasps to beadwork that can be applied to a variety of stitches.

Inspirational Beading: Feather Stripe Herringbone Collar

http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.comThu, 22 Aug 2013 02:17:00 GMT

Inspired by the feathers of the vulture goddess Nekhbet, I was determined to use herringbone for my latest Egyptian gods collar. The trick is to get the right bead sizes in the right proportions to create a wide curve. And since backtracking herringbone is much more difficult than netting or chevron chain, I knew I was risking a lot of thread to trial and error.

Twisted Ndebele Bangle

Twisted Ndebele Bangle

Ballpoint Bliss: Ndebele Stitch

http://ballpointbliss.blogspot.comSun, 12 Jun 2011 18:10:00 GMT

I have wanted to try the Ndebele (herringbone) stitch for a long time, but I couldn’t find a tutorial that explained what happens after the first four rows.  Then I found a tutorial that was a lot less tightly woven but easy to understand…and after a dozen or so rows, understood what I was missing in the other tutorials.  I worked it tighter and tighter as I went, and finally brought it around to see if I could invisibly join the ends.

Bead Knitter Gallery: Ndebele Waves

http://beadknitter.blogspot.comThu, 13 May 2010 16:00:00 GMT

I see this bracelet design all over the internet. I decided to make one myself. I did it without a pattern, just looking at the various pics around web world. I probably have the pattern somewhere but didn’t feel the need to dig it out.

[asa books]087116454X[/asa]

How to Make a Rulla Herringbone Stitch (Seed Beading 381)

This tutorial from The Potomac Bead Company shows you how to use herringbone stitch to make a bracelet using the Czech two hole barrel-shaped Rulla beads, as…

Beadschool Tutorial – Techniques: Herringbone Stitch from a Ladder Stitch start

In this video I’m demonstrating how to do Herringbone Stitch from a Ladder stitch start. Herringbone (aka Ndebele stitch) gets its name from the way it cause…

Beading4perfectionists : Herringbone “inspired” bracelet beading tutorial

Well my first video after Youtube again did a design channel change. I disagree with the way they want us all to look the same. Very confusing on who’s chann…

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