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Free Seed Bead Patterns (8/23/2013)

2013 August 23

Bead Bracelets from One Basic Pattern

Bead Bracelets from One Basic Pattern

How To Bead Bracelets Out Of One Basic Design

http://www.cutoutandkeep.netTue, 20 Aug 2013 08:07:31 GMT

How to Bead Bracelets out of One Basic Pattern Free jewelry designs and tutorials. Learn to make skillful projects on how to bead bracelets. This tutorial is a good start to creating more exquisite handmade jewelry ornaments.

Free Beading Patterns, Pictures and Diagrams – Handmade Jewelry

http://handmade-jewelry-club.comTue, 30 Jul 2013 09:11:15 GMT

I searched for some beading inspirations again. I found a few free beading patterns and diagrams that I myself would like to try and re-create. I hope my taste in design will pass your exquisite taste and style.

Easy Superduo Earrings

Easy Superduo Earrings

The Heart Beading: Easy Earring

http://www.theheartbeading.comMon, 29 Jul 2013 19:33:00 GMT

This simple and beautiful earring is designed by Nunzia Scalpore. She is Italian and has a channel on YouTube with a lot of amazing tutorials. The videos are in Italian, but I think it’s pretty easy understand the pattern because she shows in the video everything you need to do.

Fringe Heart Seed Bead Necklace – Happy Hour Projects

http://happyhourprojects.comMon, 29 Jul 2013 10:00:00 GMT

I have a fun necklace to share with you today that uses the same idea as a bead loom – you can use seed beads to make a beaded design.  These bead strands hang loose in a fringe pattern.  If you enjoy making charms you will find this to be a fun and easy project.  Even if you aren’t experienced, I’ll walk you through basic charm-making and you should have the hang of it pretty quickly!

Russian Chevron Chain

Russian Chevron Chain

Inspirational Beading: Beading Tutorial: Russian Chevron Chain

http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.comFri, 26 Jul 2013 17:49:00 GMT

Russian chevron chain is one of those more obscure beading stitches that deserves more time in the spotlight. Similar in appearance to Nepal chain, the weave creates a wide but delicate strip of beadwork that is perfect for lightweight bracelets.

Beading with bezel cup findings – Beading & Jewelry Magazines

http://cs.jewelrymakingmagazines.comFri, 12 Jul 2013 23:37:00 GMT

Being someone who apparently likes to make things more difficult, I wanted to do something a little more involved, so instead of just adding a cabochon, I decided to make a tiny bit of beadwork that would fit perfectly within the bezel cup for my own take on insta-jewelry. You can do this too. It’s not as easy as the pop-in-a-rivoli method, but for bead stitching, it’s pretty darn close.

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Fun Floral Necklace

Kelly from Off the Beaded Path, in Forest City, North Carolina brings you a another great project. Kelly shows you how to make a beautiful necklace using sup…

Easy Seed Bead Flowers for Jewelry Projects

Seed bead flowers are a nice accent to any number of pieces of beaded jewelry. This video will show you the process for making seed bead flowers.

Zigzag Beaded Bracelet, Anklet and Ring Tutorial

Friend me on facebook and show me what you made!/aleshia.beadifulnights Materials needed: Bracelet 5 1/2ft. …

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