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Free Chain Maille Tutorials (8/12/2013)

2013 August 12

Easy Chain Maille Necklace

Easy Chain Maille Necklace

Obstinate Pursuit: Easy Chain Maille Necklace Tutorial

http://obstinatepursuit.blogspot.comThu, 17 Sep 2009 07:30:00 GMT

I think the design is quite elegant and has the potential to be worn with practically anything, but it could be customised by substituting the style of the jump rings; the size of the chain maille triangle; and the addition of extra components.

MPOW : Chainmaille #01 | Choco in a Blue Box

http://chocoinabluebox.wordpress.comSun, 19 May 2013 13:43:51 GMT

I decided to try chainmaille weaving. It’s not exactly my first time doing chainmaille, I’ve used it once on one of my old bracelet design. But at that time, I didn’t know it was called chainmaille, I was just fiddling with my jump rings while watching Korean drama.

Chainmaille Byzantine Weave

Chain Maille Byzantine Weave

Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Tutorial – Jewelry Making – Craft Gossip

http://jewelrymaking.craftgossip.comSun, 07 Apr 2013 05:03:41 GMT

Siobhan explains that, “this is a well explained tutorial on how to make chainmaille bracelets using the Byzantine Weave. It uses clear photos and point by point instructions.”  I completely agree!  I wondered how bracelets like these were made, now I know! Check it out and learn how to create your own Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Bracelet in variety of colors!

Tutorial: Half Persian 3-in-1 Chain Mail Weave | Maille Addiction

http://mailleaddiction.wordpress.comSat, 19 May 2012 09:38:43 GMT

Although I don’t recommend attempting a Half Persian weave for the first one you learn, I decided to make 3-in-1 my first tutorial for a few different reasons – the main one being that it was the cause of a bit of frustration for me for a little while and I thought that if I made a tutorial while I am still very conscious of each step (rather than waiting until it became second nature), it might make for an easier-to-understand tutorial for those who may be grappling with it.

European 4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet

European 4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet

Tutorial – Sophie’s Easy European 4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet | Ellifolks

http://www.ellifolks.comMon, 01 Jun 2009 01:02:44 GMT

I first learned chain mail a few years ago in a class at SPLASH, a yearly event held at M.I.T which lasts three days…students offer hundreds of different classes which they teach to high school students.  The class subjects range from integral calculus to chocolate sculpture to cheese tasting.  This bracelet uses the most basic chain mail pattern: the European 4 in 1.

Quick Japanese 12-in-2 Chain Maille Jewelry Tutorial – Jewelry

http://www.jewelrymakingdaily.comWed, 04 Jan 2012 06:28:00 GMT

One of our most popular posts in all of 2011 was this Japanese 12-in-2 chain maille tutorial from Sara Richardson. I see snowflakes when I see her finished piece–but I’m always wishing for snow this time of year! It also makes a very stylish pendant, or link several together into a bold bracelet. A pair would make wonderful earrings, and can you imagine a necklace made of these designs all the way around? Fabulous!

Kingsmaille Choker Tutorial (chainmaille)

Learn how to make a chainmaille (or “chain mail”) choker using the Kingsmaille pattern.

Chainmaille Tutorial: Elvenmaille/Elfsheet

A very quickly done tutorial on how to weave Elvenmaille. Ideal AR is 4.2 or higher. Example in video is AR 4 for rigidity, but it would not be recommended f…

How to Make Chainmail Rope

Zac Miller of Master Maillers teaches you how to make chainmail rope at home. If you like this video, check out Zac’s other work here on Neuralculture.

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