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Free Brick Stitch Seed Bead Patterns (8/19/2013)

2013 August 19

Circular Brick Stitch Earrings

Circular Brick Stitch Earrings

Beading Tutorial Part 1: Circular Brick Stitch Earrings – Learn jewelry

http://handmade-jewelry-club.comMon, 28 May 2012 06:56:15 GMT

You now have 3 layers of brick stitches. For the 4th layer we are stepping 2 seed beads down to have that effect of gradually narrowing the circle and creating half circles, but we’re going to show it on Part 2. We hope the steps and pictures are clear enough for you guys to follow. Watch out for Part 2 to complete the earrings, but we do have a detailed PDF copy already available at, which includes arrows to guide you how to weave and a short tutorial how to create the earring hoops, in case you don’t have one similar to what was used in the tutorial. 

Brick Stitch – How Did You Make This? | Luxe DIY

http://howdidyoumakethis.comFri, 06 Jul 2012 15:45:12 GMT

Brick stitch is a simple way to make complex beaded pieces with irregular edges. It’s best friends with peyote stitch – the beads align the same way, but brick stitch gives you a lot of options for making unusual pieces or adding extra detail to peyote pieces. This tutorial doesn’t make a finished piece – it’s just a variety of useful methods. Do a bit of sample making before starting on a real project, brick stitch is a little finicky.

Purple & Green Brick Stitch Earrings

Purple & Green Brick Stitch Earrings

Pretty Shiny Object: Purple & Green Brick Stitch Earrings

http://www.prettyshinyobject.comSun, 19 May 2013 23:36:00 GMT

I’ve been busy this week photographing, pricing, organizing and tweaking all things having to do with my shop, and I am happy to say that I finally have some new items listed!  Who knew how much work is/was involved in opening and running an Etsy shop – not me!  This whole process is a new learning curve for me, and the more time I spend observing and analyzing things the more confident I feel in the progress that I make.  I plan on making updates to my shop and blog all this week, so make sure to stick around!

Going Round in Circles with Circular Brick Stitch Beading Daily

http://www.beadingdaily.comThu, 18 Jul 2013 07:00:00 GMT

Of all the variations that can be worked with brick stitch, circular brick stitch is one of my favorites for making unique components and even beaded mandalas for things like bracelets, earrings, pendants, and even delicate beaded necklaces. Circular brick stitch, in contrast to tubular brick stitch, implies that the beadwork is created so that it creates a flat circle instead of a three-dimensional hollow tube.

Brick Stitch Earrings

Brick Stitch Earrings

Brick Stitch Earrings | BEADFEAST

http://beadfeast.wordpress.comSun, 31 Mar 2013 15:04:13 GMT

But in order to not stay completely idle I decided to make some simple brick stitch earrings. I find it I am less inclined to worry about my colour choices and patterns with these pieces and the fact that they are so quick and easy to make, makes creating them very satisfactory which in turn makes me feel a little less useless.

Brick Stitch and Bitty Beads | Spare Moments Stitching

http://sparemomentstitching.wordpress.comThu, 28 Feb 2013 18:33:00 GMT

These small brick stitch earrings were made to combine with the below necklace. They are easy to do, using the brick stitch technique, but I like how this technique look like. The necklace below is a reinvention of one I made time ago, but I think look better with the Jasper poppy beads in between the beaded beads.

My Beaded Earrings

Beaded earrings using mainly brick stitch.

Brick stitch earrings my pattern is a tutorial step by step from 1 to 10

How to Make Increases and Decreases in Brick Stitch – In this video learn how to make outside increases and decreases in brick stitch bead weaving in order to change the width or…

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