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Free Beaded Christmas Ornament Patterns (7/10/2013)

2013 July 10

Beaded Crystal Ornaments

Beaded Crystal Ornaments

LiveLoveDIY: Easy Christmas Crafts: Beaded Crystal Ornaments

http://www.livelovediy.comMon, 24 Dec 2012 20:01:00 GMT

I chose simple clear ‘crystals’. They’re just plastic, but they look real. (I even had a few left over REAL crystal droplets left over from a chandelier install. I used the real crystals intermittently throughout some of the ornaments, and they look almost identical to the plastic ones.)

Beaded Christmas Tree Ornaments –

http://www.savvyhomemade.comSun, 12 May 2013 07:00:00 GMT

These homemade Christmas tree ornaments are simple to make and they look very effective when hung from the Christmas tree! You can make these using most crafting beads and they are great fun to make either with your children or on your own!

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Beaded Christmas Ornaments

Studio Window: Beaded Christmas Ornaments 2

http://cameoroze.blogspot.comWed, 19 Jun 2013 13:00:00 GMT

After choosing the main beads, I dug around to find other beads of similar color. Those teardrop beads for the bottom of the ornament are really sweet. I tried to find beads of various sizes so that, when stacked, the ornament would have a pleasing shape.

Holiday Gift Ideas: Beaded Letter Ornaments – Bloom

http://youinbloom.caFri, 19 Nov 2010 17:09:00 GMT

Last year I made these beaded letter ornaments. I made family sets for all of our favorite (Christmas celebrating, tree decorating) families and mailed them out with Christmas cards. In total I think I (along with my helpers elves: Jamie and mum) made 80 of them!

Beaded Christmas Angel

Beaded Christmas Angel

Beaded Christmas Ornaments – Crafty Journal

http://craftyjournal.comWed, 17 Feb 2010 14:48:45 GMT

Beaded Christmas ornamentscan be very delicate looking. Some dexterity is required to string the tiny beads on thin wires, but the results are beautiful. Older kids can make the easier designs. Enjoy trying these beaded Christmas ornaments.

At home with Ali: Beads and Buttons – Christmas ornaments

http://www.athomewithali.netSat, 15 Dec 2012 12:00:00 GMT

We turned our bottle top collection into Christmas ornaments. I poured pva glue into each bottle top… some overflowed causing a gluey mess which irritated me and delighted them. The kids decorated them with beads, buttons and glitter. The heavier beads sunk to the bottom of their white pva ponds.

Make Adorable Sparkly Beaded Angel Ornaments~Great Kids Project!

For more beautiful and simple craft ideas like this one, visit at

Button and Bead Christmas Tree Ornament Tutorial

I saw these on Etsy and just made it as I saw it. You’ll need some thin gauged wire, 11/0 seed beads and various graduated sized buttons. Make them! They are…

How To Make a Christmas Ornament Ball Tree

This Christmas, I made ornament ball trees to decorate the top of my sofa table. Using 99 cent store ornaments, bead garlands and a styrofoam cone, this is a…

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