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Free Bead Embroidery Tutorials (7/31/2013)

2013 July 31

Bead Embroidered Pendant

Bead Embroidered Pendant

Tutorial for amazing embroidered pendant | Beads Magic

http://beadsmagic.comMon, 22 Aug 2011 20:14:00 GMT

Tutorial for amazing embroidered pendant. U need: Thick fabric. Thread. Needle for seed beads. Pins. Paper. Seed beads. Scissors. Marker and chalk. Pencil. Compasses. Draw with a compasses 2 circles 5,5 cm in diameter

Free Jewelry Tutorials from Beaded Jewelry Diva – Handmade

http://handmade-jewelry-club.comMon, 22 Jul 2013 09:00:56 GMT

On Gail’s website you’ll find various tutorials that does not only show steps but with very, very good explanations on the basics of jewelry making. Check out these Two Bead Embroidery Bracelets by Beaded Jewelry Diva.

Black Cat Bead Embroidery

Black Cat Bead Embroidery

Gift presents: bead embroidery, kitty brooch tutorial, kids craft ideas

http://www.webchiem.comFri, 12 Aug 2011 04:52:30 GMT

Hello Kitty, Chococat, Gift presents: bead embroidery, kitty brooch tutorial, kids craft ideas; black and white beads (№ 12) (from the small beads will be more accurate and easier to fill in the blanks);; beads red or any color (№ 10);; two pieces of black leather or

All in Beads: A Bead embroidered heavy pincushion tutorial

http://allinbeads.blogspot.comSun, 27 Jan 2013 16:39:00 GMT

A Bead embroidered heavy pincushion tutorial. I have made another of the lovely pincushions. I extremely like making them. It is my first one. This one is for tacklethatbeadstash JANUARY CHALLENGE.

Bead Embroidered Flower

Bead Embroidered Flower

Tutorial: Flower Hair Clip | Beading for Business

http://beadingforbusiness.comThu, 16 May 2013 07:30:03 GMT

Embroider a final layer of 11/0 beads around the cabochon. Tagged: accesory diy, beading pattern, beading tutorial, craft tutorial, DIY, hair clip tutorial, handmade, handmade hair clip, how to bead embroidery, tutorial

Totally Tutorials: Tutorial – How to do Bead Embroidered Rose

http://totallytutorials.blogspot.comSun, 12 Sep 2010 21:00:00 GMT

Oh how I love bead embroidery. The way she works in a spiral is different from the way I’ve done it. Very inspiring. I’d love to give that a try. Beaded Rosette Tutorial at Abigails Crafts How-to “Beaded rosettes are decorative

Bead embroidery e soutache

Creazioni all’embroidery e al soutache. My fb profile:… My fb page:… My Etsy …

Bead Embroidery Necklace – Update 1

Going to glue my carnelian cabochon on. Further done with wings.

Sea shell seed bead embroidery necklace3

My seed beaded embroidery necklace has silver and peach 14/0 seed beads, aqua navy blue 11/0 seed beads for the coral, 8/0 peach beads for the fringe 3 hand …

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