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Free Crystal Bead Jewelry Tutorials (6/19/2013)

2013 June 19

DIY Crystal Coral Necklace Beading Tutorial

DIY Crystal Coral Necklace Beading Tutorial

DIY Crystal Coral Necklace Beading Tutorial

http://handmade-jewelry-club.comThu, 28 Feb 2013 14:26:15 GMT

It’s a variation of the Double Needle Right Angle Weave, showing what you can do with the technique. The length of the necklace is 18 inches. The shape of the bicones when weaved into units of right angle weave creates a lace-like effect on the bicones, perfect for low-neck and V shaped outfit.

5 Fantasy Crystal Bicone Bead Jewelry Tutorials

http://www.brandywinejewelrysupply.comFri, 07 Jun 2013 12:00:47 GMT

Crystal beads are one of the most popular types of beads in jewelry making. And little wonder, with their beautiful colors and sparkle. They give class and elegance to your project, whether you are making earrings, bracelets, or necklaces. Today I have tracked down FIVE gorgeous crystal bead projects for you to try.

DIY Crystal Bead Bracelet

DIY Crystal Bead Bracelet

WobiSobi: Crystal, Bead Bracelet, DIY

http://wobisobi.blogspot.comFri, 03 Feb 2012 14:25:00 GMT

I am constantly thinking of different, little, easy bracelets. I can add to some of my bracelet ensembles. Here is one I came up with yesterday. Something fun to do on the weekend. Make some for your friends for Valentine’s Day. Easy and inexpensive.

How to Use Rhinestone Cup Chain for Jewelry | Eureka Crystal

http://eurekacrystalbeads.wordpress.comThu, 30 May 2013 15:34:43 GMT

From beautiful bohemian friendship bracelets to sophisticated metal and crystal designs rhinestone cup chain works with every  look. Rhinestone cup chain is available in so many colors, finishes and sizes that it’s impossible not to find something you love.  We’ve scoured the web to bring you a collection of  The Internet’s Best DIY Rhinestone Cup Chain Tutorials.

Crystal Necklace Tutorial

Crystal Necklace Tutorial

Crystal necklace tutorial – How to make beaded jewelry, 28 Apr 2008 23:37:30 GMT

The most important technique for making this crystal necklace is to learn how to make a loop on a headpin, and attach it to the necklace chain. Once you can do this, you’ll be able to make many variations of this design. You might even be able to design your own unique necklace. Have fun!

How to Make Butterfly Jewelry and Beading Tutorials – Inspirational

http://inspirationalbeading.blogspot.comMon, 29 Apr 2013 14:00:00 GMT

Insects are always a favorite, particularly butterflies. They are beautiful, delicate, brightly colored, and intricately patterned. Nothing beats butterflies when you’re looking for spring and summer jewelry ideas. These tutorials and projects draw from the many aspects of butterflies that we love – the shape of the wings and the wonderful color palettes among them.

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