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Free Chain Maille Tutorials (6/14/2013)

2013 June 14

Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

crazymokes » Celtic Visions / Celtic Visions Star Pendant tutorial

http://www.crazymokes.comThu, 04 Nov 2010 22:34:40 GMT

I love making chainmaille jewelry, and I love teaching it as well. The tutorial is geared toward a beginner (so if you’re not, please forgive the over-explanations!), but I do assume that the chainmailler knows how to open and close jump rings, flush tight and close. More tutorials will be forthcoming as my time allows. 

New FREE Chainmaille Tutorial at Crafty Cat Jump Rings!

http://redeftdesigns.blogspot.comSun, 28 Feb 2010 02:47:00 GMT

 I’ve just finished uploading a FREE chainmaille tutorial to! It’s a combination of Basic Spiral Weave with a Jens Pind variation and a project making these Mini Twist Jens Pind Earrings!

Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Tutorial

Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Tutorial

Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Tutorial – Jewelry Making – Craft Gossip

http://jewelrymaking.craftgossip.comSun, 07 Apr 2013 05:03:41 GMT

Vovs Jewellelry shares with us her tutorial for making chainmaille bracelets.  Siobhan explains that. “this is a well explained tutorial on how to make chainmaille bracelets using the Byzantine Weave. It uses clear photos and point by point instructions.”  I completely agree!  I wondered how bracelets like these were made, now I know! Check it out and learn how to create your own Chainmaille Byzantine Weave Bracelet in variety of colors!

DIY Chain Maille Tutorial – Handmade-Jewelry-Club

http://handmade-jewelry-club.comWed, 22 May 2013 07:00:00 GMT

Choo Choo Train Chain Maille Bracelet & Earrings tutorial! This tutorial is based on variation from European 1 in 4 technique to create an elegantly simple bracelet. Using the same technique you can also create earrings. Let’s learning the pattern!

Chainmaille Tutorial: Shenandoah Pendant

Chainmaille Tutorial: Shenandoah Pendant

crazymokes » Chainmaille Tutorial: Shenandoah Pendant

http://www.crazymokes.comMon, 04 Apr 2011 10:14:50 GMT

This can be worn on a chain as a pendant, or you can make two, attach earwires, and wear them as earrings! I also have a matching bracelet that I also sell a kit for. I’m hoping to post a bracelet tutorial as well, but it will probably not be for a while. One can use this tutorial and easily adapt it for the bracelet if wished.

How To Half Persian Chainmaille Tutorial | Sterling Silver Jewelry …

http://jewelry.artpimp.bizSun, 02 Jun 2013 03:39:12 GMT

Mikey will show you how to complete chainmaille. He is doing a half persian technique. He is doing half persian because the links are too small to do a full …

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Erik chainmaille tutorial

Este video es una breve descripcion de las herramientas que se necesitan para acer trabajos de chainemaille con alambre, puede ser de cobre, acero inoxidable…

Jens Pind Linkage chainmaille tutorial

Demonstration of the jens pind chainmaille weave. I’m using 12g 6.0mm ID rings (AWG). other ring sizes for jens pind in AWG: 14g 4.75mm ID 16g 4.0mm ID 18g 3…

Tutorial Chainmail – Captive Inverted Round Mail Wave

Captive inverted Round Mail, Tutorial Chainmail su questa nuova maglia, molto bella ed anche abbastanza flessibile. Vi occorreranno anellini da 0.81mm di spe…

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