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Free Twins and SuperDuos Bead Patterns (5/22/2013)

2013 May 22

Netted Collar with Twin Beads

Netted Collar with Twin Beads

Free pattern for necklace Sue with twin seed beads | Beads Magic

http://beadsmagic.comSat, 27 Apr 2013 17:49:45 GMT

Download Free pattern for beautiful beaded necklace Sue with twin seed beads and many other free patterns.

Free Superduo earring pattern – Editors’ Blog – Bead&Button

http://cs.jewelrymakingmagazines.comThu, 01 Nov 2012 19:07:00 GMT

I love working with Superduos and Twin beads. I had just a few beads left in this color so I used them up by making these sparkling earrings. Twin beads may also be used for this pattern.

SuperDuos Wings Bracelet

SuperDuos Wings Bracelet

Viki’s Beading: Playing with Super Duos: Wings Bracelet

http://fdekszer.blogspot.comWed, 24 Apr 2013 08:22:00 GMT

I have lot’s of fun with the two hole beads, and very happy to have my beading Mojo back :) It seems spring has a good effect on inspirationg…< he bracelet looked like several wings on top of each other hence the name.

SharDon Exclusives: Super Duo Time and Ethics???

http://shardonexclusives.blogspot.comSun, 31 Mar 2013 02:26:00 GMT

I made up this rope of Super Duo Seed Beads and love, love, love the way it lays on the neck! I am so loving it! I got the pattern finished two or three months ago and found there is no limit to the wonderful rings one can put on this lovely piece!

Twisted Herringbone with Twins

Twisted Herringbone with Twins

Twisted Herringbone… with Twins!

http://nedbeads.blogspot.comThu, 19 Apr 2012 02:24:00 GMT

I made a bracelet this morning using twisted herringbone stitch and some lovely Superduo beads… Superduo beads are like Twin beads, but they are made by Jablonex and are much more uniform and there’s a lot less culling going on while you bead. I like them both – and use them both!

Preciosa TWIN – Rivoli Pendant Tutorial – free

http://sashasi.blogspot.comSun, 19 Feb 2012 15:06:00 GMT

Have you got your new TWIN two-hole seed beads and don´t know how to use it? I prepared a tutorial to show what I did along with an exact list of materials I used in my design. Apart from the Preciosa TWIN seed beads, I used one Swarovski rivoli, 4mm Swarovski crystal bicones, Size 11°, Size 15° and Size 6° seed beads

[asa books]1600596916[/asa]

Seed Bead 342 Twin Bracelet

Twin bracelet class from The Potomac Bead Company that shows how to make a bracelet using Preciosa’s two hole twin beads. http://…

How to Bead Weave a Twin Bead Bracelet Using a Circular Stitch – In this video, learn how to create a beaded bead by weaving together Preciosa Twin beads. The result is a very pretty flower…

Beading4perfectionists : Superduo beads & miyuki seedbeads earrings beading tutorial

Hope you guys like this one, it’s been a while since I did earrings so it was about time I guess :-)

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