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Free Beadweaving Tutorials (5/8/2013)

2013 May 8

Free Form Peyote

Free Form Peyote

Freeform Beading: Tutorial | Feathered Fibers

http://featheredfibers.wordpress.comTue, 15 Apr 2008 15:31:31 GMT

Since I’m still in a beading mood, I decided to teach myself some new stitches- primarily the peyote stitch.  Then I started a freeform beaded piece shown below, though please note it is still a work in progress…

Let’s Dice it Up: Free Bead Weaving Pattern

http://letsdiceitup.blogspot.comMon, 20 Aug 2012 14:13:00 GMT

This is a bead design I created about 12 years ago, but I just love the way it turned out. You will need basic bead weaving skills. But, you can change the colors, and it can be worn year round. To download these patterns just

Beaded Flower Pendant

Beaded Flower Pendant

Eridhan Creations – Beading Tutorials: Beaded flower – free tutorial

http://eridhan.blogspot.comSun, 05 May 2013 20:08:00 GMT

Finally! I admit it has taken lots of time for me to force myself to some working again. But now, as the spring is already here and the flowers are in bloom, the tutorial for a beaded flower, as I promised in this post, is ready and available to all of you.

Around The Beading Table: Free beading patterns on the Web

http://aroundthebeadingtable.blogspot.comTue, 22 Mar 2011 18:19:00 GMT

Free beading patterns on the Web. Here are some more free beading patterns from some very generous designers. Tila Bead Square Stitch Bracelet from Triangle with Net Center at …

Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW)

Cubic Right Angle Weave (CRAW)

Mojo Beading Pattern by Heather Collin – Jewelry Making Professor

http://jewelrymakingprofessor.comWed, 24 Apr 2013 19:45:49 GMT

Now, included in this blog I have given permission for my “Craw Mekanix” manual to be given to you. It is a free manual in any case, it’s just I’m busy building on it slowly. There are 3 patterns, possibly even four that I’ve

Free “Lacy crystal rondelle” patternBeading & Jewelry Magzines

http://cs.jewelrymakingmagazines.comWed, 12 Sep 2012 16:40:00 GMT

Everyone loves a free beading pattern, right? Just about every time I see a free beading pattern or tutorial, I have to try it out. So here’s a free pattern from me to you. Play with it, experiment with different color combinations,

What Is African Lace?

African lace is a complex, beautiful beading pattern that you can make yourself. This video will show you how to go about making an African lace pa…

Free Beading Tutorials and Patterns, flat odd peyote stitch by Ellad2

Two ways to make odd count Peyote stitch for beginners by You can download this Tutorial for free at

Beading Patterns – How to Fancy Buttons Necklaces

Make some fancy jewelry using up your old buttons

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